David Knight


David Knight was a reporter and host of the InfoWars Nightly News, until Alex Jones called him up to the big leagues and gave him his own show, Real News with David Knight, in 2017. Subsequently, Alex would go on to claim that he was being sued for copyright over the name Real News. This may or may not be true, but it is definitely the most interesting thing about Knight’s show.

David Knight is notable only in so much as he is perhaps the most boring person who has ever been allowed to anchor their own show. TV propaganda is a genre that relies so heavily on the intrinsic charisma of the person spreading it, so it is just a marvel that David Knight has made it this far.

In reality, Knight serves a very important function in Alex Jones’ machine. Alex knows that his broadcast style (yelling, screaming, threatening, talking about death all the time, descending into perverse fantasies about the death of his enemies, etc.) does not appeal to all demographics. He has the middle aged white male sector locked down, but he needs other personas to cross over into other quadrants, and David Knight exists to appeal to the elderly.

His soft delivery, his droning manner, his standard habit of oversimplifying everything; these are all ways that Alex can have his message go out, but in different packaging. Alex is employing the same strategy with giving Owen Shroyer his own show, in an attempt to appeal to the “college age white male” demo.

As a broadcaster, David Knight is too boring to mention. As a source of content, he’s inconsequential because everything he says is the same as Alex. Thus, he doesn’t really merit much of a dossier.

Although, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out that he doesn’t think that notoriously racist Disney movie Song of the South is actually racist:

I believe the ride they’re referring to is Splash Mountain, which is based on Song of the South, and has been in operation at Disney Land since 1989. It didn’t disappear, and these dudes can’t even make the argument that they “took Song of the South out of Splash Mountain.” That big, iconic log-flume drop, the one where people often flash the cameras, that drop is meant to recreate Br’er Rabbit being thrown into the Briar Patch, which was the climactic point of Uncle Remus’s story, The Tar Baby.

Also, David Knight wrote an op-ed for Aleksander Dugin’s publication Katheon on Nov. 16, 2016, just about a week after the election, about how Russia and the US should work together to take down the imaginary “Globalists.”