Bob Chapman


Bob Chapman was a very regular guest on the Alex Jones Show. Throughout his career, he was a precious metals dealer, a newsletter publisher, and a pretty vicious bigot.

Bob’s Role On The Alex Jones Show

Bob Chapman served a very important role on Alex’s show, as evidenced by the fact that for years, he was on at least once a week and almost every appearance followed the same script.

Alex would introduce Bob as if he were an unbiased and completely independent expert on the precious metals market and the economy as a whole. The two would discuss how the “Globalists” are about to collapse the stock market, at which point the value of gold will go through the roof. This is the base-line of every appearance: the market is going to be destroyed by design, so buy gold.

After Alex and Bob set the table and spread fear about all other investments, as well as aggressively exaggerated expectations of what to expect if you invest in gold, they invariably reveal what their game is really about: preparing the listeners to get the hard sell from Ted Anderson, owner of Midas Resources, the gold/silver company who syndicates Alex’s show.

This same sketch plays out over and over again in Bob Chapman’s appearances on Alex’s show. He is the supposed expert who comes on the show to prime the pump and get the audience in the correct head-space to be sold a product, at which point Alex brings Ted on air to close the deal and tell people the specials.

At first glance, it is a disgraceful paranoia-based version of QVC, but upon closer inspection, things are actually far worse than they appear.

Bob’s Relationship With Ted Anderson

Bob Chapman is not an unbiased expert who is coming on the show to provide Alex’s listeners with nuanced market analysis to help them make sound financial decisions. He is, in fact, someone who has had a business relationship with Ted Anderson and Midas Resources for a long time.

Bob is the writer of a newsletter called The International Forecaster, and going as far back as 2003 (that’s as far as the Wayback Machine has records of), but almost certainly long before that, Bob’s newsletter and Midas Resources have had an intertwined relationship.

The International Forecaster regularly ran commercials on Alex Jones’ show, as well as other Genesis Communications Network shows.

Midas Resources would offer their customers a free copy of The International Forecaster along with gold and silver purchases.

In the International Forecaster, Bob would direct his customers to buy books about the Federal Reserve being evil from Midas Resources, going so far as to tell them that:

Special Offer: You may also order it by calling Midas Resources Inc. at 877-***-****. Midas Resources will give you a silver dollar from the early 1900s (a $12 value) just for purchasing the book at its normal price of $19.95.

The business relationship that these two entities are demonstrating is not one of mutual support, rather, it seems like they may as well be the same business. Absent any other suspicious circumstances, it could be believable that Bob and Ted were two guys who want to help each other out, but in this situation, that explanation defies credulity.

Bob Chapman Is A Racist Menace

You can find the first red flag about Bob Chapman just by taking a quick look at his bio. If you do, two things stick out as big problems:

  1. At one point, Bob Chapman lived in Rhodesia. Rhodesia is no longer a country, but its memory lingers as one of the most brutal examples of a white supremacist state, and revered as a lost racial utopia to white nationalists to this day. Dylann Roof, the Charleston shooter, wore a Rhodesian flag on his jacket. The idea that Bob Chapman could have lived in Rhodesia in the 1970’s, when the regime was regularly torturing and killing suspected black political leaders, is deeply troubling, especially considering he has never seemed to express any misgivings about the Rhodesian government. In fact, in 2003 Bob described the government that replaced the white supremacist regime in Rhodesia as “tribal.

  2. Bob also lived in Johannesburg, South Africa between 1970-1973, which is squarely within the era of apartheid. The apartheid-era South African flag, incidentally, was the other flag that Dylann Roof wore on his jacket.

Bob Chapman lived in two deeply white supremacist states in Africa, and he does not seem to have come away from that experience with any feeling that those systems of government were bad. That is a huge problem, and seems to indicate either a lack of humanity in him or an abundance of racism.

This feeling is reinforced when you read through The International Forecaster, and hear what Bob has to say about South Africa in his August 2003 issue:

One of the important things you must remember regarding NUM, National Mineworkers Union [a South African union started by black workers in 1982], and we’ve stressed this since 1994, is the union is run by Communists and they will not be happy until they have taken control of the entire mining industry...Black empowerment is only another way of saying communist takeover.

In that same issue of his newsletter, Bob discusses a lawsuit seeking restitution for victims of the forced deportation of hundreds of thousands of Mexican-American citizens during the Great Depression, and his take on it is profoundly racist:

A class action lawsuit has been filed in L.A. County Superior Court that accuses the State of California, the County and City of Los Angeles, the L. A. Chamber of Commerce and 500 other unnamed individuals and entities of violating the civil and constitutional rights of more than 1 million Mexican-Americans by deporting them to Mexico in the 1930s. The actions actually took place during the depression as then, as today, illegal aliens flooded our country. The suit 70 years in the making is for legal damages, but the reason is to gain power from Los Angeles Anglos and transfer that power to Mexican-Americans.

During that transition white civilization will be portrayed as racist and based upon the exploitation and oppression of non-whites, thereby undermining its legitimacy and authority. The suit is really about the destruction of white civilization. If that is accomplished there will then be the amalgamation of races, which is so dear to the hearts of the elitists.

What happened during the Great Depression is a classic example of racial scapegoating, and something very important to remember about this situation is that the people forcefully deported were American citizens. They were not “illegal aliens” as Bob is suggesting. They were citizens who were targeted specifically because of their Mexican heritage.

Approximately one third of the US’s Mexican population was forcefully deported during this period of “repatriation.” The actions taken by the American government toward the Mexican-American citizens are direct violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and would correctly be described as an act of ethnic cleansing. Beyond just the direct crime committed against them, consider how their possession of any real capital was completely crippled by this mass deportation. Any property these people had was gone, and the effects of that trickle down to their children and grandchildren in the form of diminished economic power. The systematic repression of the economic, political, and social power of non-whites is an explicit goal of white supremacy, and Bob Chapman is explicitly making excuses for one of a very clear cut example of systematic economic repression in US history.

As is always the case with modern white supremacists, Bob sees minority groups demanding that the crimes committed against their humanity be recognized and acknowledged, and all he is able to hear is “they are trying to make white people look bad.” This level of defensiveness and inability to understand the point lead one to no other conclusion that that Bob Chapman is deeply invested in white supremacy.

Bob Is A White Supremacy Profiteer

If you read Bob’s bio, you will find this line that is incredibly problematic:

From 1962 through 1976 he specialized in South African gold shares.

The foundation of Bob Chapman’s career in precious metals is in profiting off the pillaging of South African gold. If that sounds extreme, it would be prudent to remember that the discovery of gold in South Africa was what led to their apartheid system to begin with. White profiteers arrived and forced the black population into an unfair labor system to help them extract the gold and accrue massive wealth.

Certainly, this system predated Bob Chapman’s involvement, but there is no other way to slice it than to say that by 1970, there is no way that Bob could possibly be unaware of this history and he was more than happy to profit from black workers’ oppression and deaths.

If you need any more confirmation that Bob Chapman’s primary business model was profiting of racist systems in Africa, look no further than the fact that he stopped trading in South African gold after 1976. The Soweto Uprisings in 1976 are largely seen as the point where the resistance against apartheid began to become a major problem for the South African government and the South African economy. There is little doubt that after the Uprisings, Bob saw the writing on the wall, as the African National Congress began to grow in power (which he knew would lead to unionization and thus lower margins for him on the gold he sold), and he decided to get out before it got to the point where he couldn’t escape consequences.

Bob Has Some Gossip About Ronald Reagan

Perhaps the most notable thing about Bob Chapman is that on the January 7, 2011 episode of The Alex Jones Show, he revealed that in the “late 70’s-early 80’s,” he was at a party where he was shown a video of Ronald Reagan being pegged by a lady:

The details of Bob’s story are pretty hilarious, and if you would like to know more about this, we covered it in an episode of the podcast.