Larry Nichols


Larry Nichols has been a frequent guest on The Alex Jones Show for many years. Primarily, he is someone who Alex calls in whenever he needs to build an anti-Bill or Hillary Clinton narrative, since Nichols has put in decades of work into creating Clinton propaganda. He has been a less frequent guest on the show since his appearance on the September 21, 2017 episode, where he threatened to blackmail Robert Mueller, as well as all members of Congress, on air, if they didn’t stop investigating Donald Trump.

Larry's Convoluted Backstory

Larry was working as a commercial jingle writer, when he claims that he was enlisted by Arkansas business tycoons Jack and Witt Stephens to install Bill Clinton as the state's governor. Bill was a playboy and completely out of control, so Larry's responsibilities were not only to plan his political strategy, but also to be his handler. 

Probably unsurprisingly, Larry cannot provide anyone who was around at the time, anyone who was a part of Bill's gubernatorial campaign, really anyone at all, to verify any elements of his story. It is all just based on his own telling, and given the rest of the stories he’s told, his credibility is thin.

What is definitely true is that in 1988, Larry Nichols was working for the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. He was fired from this position after it was found that he had made 642 long-distance calls on behalf of the Contras in Nicaragua, calls which cost the state of Arkansas approximately $1,400. Though Larry was clearly mixed up in some sort of bottom-most layer of the Iran-Contra Affair and his sloppiness led to his unemployment, he blamed Bill Clinton, who was then Governor of Arkansas.

In 1990, Larry went on the warpath and filed a lawsuit alleging wrongful termination, and in the process, accused Bill of having affairs with five women, all of whom denied the claims. They were able to deny the claims because Larry named them publicly and brought completely unwanted attention into their lives, one of many completely abusive things that Larry has done to bystanders in the course of his career as a con-man.

While Bill was governor, no one in Arkansas really took these accusations seriously. They knew that Larry had been fired by the ADFA, and had seen the coverage of the women saying that these allegations were untrue. That all changed when Bill ran for president and became the Democratic nominee.

In 1992, the tabloid Star picked up the stories based on Larry’s allegations and began reporting on them. At that point, Larry realized that things were getting too serious, and he wanted nothing to do with it. He withdrew his suit, calling it a "'harmless, little lawsuit'' that simply mushroomed into something much bigger than he anticipated.” He apologized to the women he named, but of course, behind the scenes, he was still trying to get the Clintons to pay him $200,000 to go away.

In a 1998 interview, Larry admitted that his apology was a fake ploy to keep the story alive, and it later came out that Star had paid him $50,000 for the story, to be published just before the New Hampshire primary, with the hopes of derailing Clinton’s path toward nomination. Larry claimed, but has never proved, that he returned the money.

From 1990 until the present day, a very large proportion of the negative things you hear about the Clintons trace back to Larry Nichols. Troopergate was him, the idea that Chelsea isn’t Bill’s daughter was him, the accusation that they Clintons murdered/engaged in a cover-up about Vince Foster was him, the “Clinton Body Count” was him. There are very real criticisms of Bill and Hillary Clinton, but the most popular stuff is almost all bullshit concocted by a guy who couldn’t stand that Bill fired him in 1988.

Larry Is An Idiot

Beyond just his clear backstory of consistent fraud and opportunism, Larry is also just a painfully dumb guy. His propaganda is often lazy and dull, highlighting a lack of imagination, as well as a lack of understanding of how the world works.

He has claimed that both Bill and Hillary Clinton told him that they only stay married so that they cannot be forced to testify against each other in their on-going plot to take over the world. This is absurd because no one would ever say such a thing, and both Clintons graduated from Yale Law, and would obviously know that spousal privilege does not apply in cases of spousal co-conspirators engaged in an on-going crime.

He claimed in the 2016 election that Obama was planning to call off the elections so he could stay president, at which point he would declare America a Muslim nation, and thus make himself King of the Muslim World.

With a straight face, he’s argued that once the government collapses, the president immediately becomes King of the country, and everyone in Congress becomes a Duke/Duchess, which is why everyone wants to be in office when that happens, so their family will become part of a new American royalty.

In September 2013, Larry appeared on the Pete Santilli Show and claimed that he had been a literal hit-man for the Clintons, and that he had been sent to foreign countries to kill for them. When asked about it later, he retracted the story and said that he was on drugs during that interview and was lying.

Almost nothing he says makes sense, unless you consider the things he says not as serious arguments, but as desperate ploys to scare idiots into giving him money, which he constantly solicits in every radio appearance he makes.