Diamond Gusset Jeans

For many years, Diamond Gusset Jeans have been a sponsor of the Alex Jones Show.

There are many blue jean companies in this country, but what sets Diamond Gusset a cut above the rest is that they spend most of their advertising budget on making pants-centric country songs:

That theme song is a good place to start, but thankfully Diamond Gusset didn’t record that one and say “good enough.” No, they decided to get back to the old notebook and see if they could push the envelope:

Diamond Gusset recorded what they hoped would be the “anthem of the Patriot Movement,” which is really just a blue jean commercial with vaguely anti-NAFTA overtones. Alex Jones’ voiceover work does add a little something to the proceedings, but still, an anthem that is not.

Interestingly, if you look online, you will find numerous stories from customers who ordered one size of pant and received a completely different size in the mail, only to find that Diamond Gusset’s customer service left a bit to be desired and they would have to pay the postage on the jeans themselves in order to make a return or exchange.