Alex Jones' Self-Defense About Sandy Hook Is Bullshit

Early-mid 2018 Alex Jones is a real rough listen.

On the one hand, most of the narratives that Alex embarks on only exist to serve Donald Trump's best interest or justify something really fucked up that Trump did. It's so repetitive, there's just nothing interesting about a man being a boot-licker.

On the other hand, everyone except us is suing Alex these days, and it kind of creates an even more repetitive, boring show. It's just constant stream of "I'm a victim," "this lawsuit traces back to George Soros," "if I go down, it will end the 1st amendment." It's intensely boring.

The real issue we're seeing right now is that the conspiracy theorist has placed himself at the center of a perceived conspiracy, where instead of observing an external plot, everything that happens to him must somehow be the work of a group of hidden individuals out to get him. It's the paranoid lunatic equivalent of a television reporter becoming part of the story.

The news of the day is that Alex Jones is being sued by two parents of children who were murdered in the tragedy at Sandy Hook. The parents absolutely deserve some kind of recompense for the horrors they have had to endure, but these suits will probably not work out, if only because of the statute of limitations for defamation claims in Texas being 1-2 years, depending on circumstances.

Alex Jones absolutely said that all the events that happened on December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary were staged and that no kids died. He didn't say it in the context of a debate, he didn't say it was a possibility, and he didn't say it to "play devil's advocate." Alex full-throatedly supported the idea that the entire thing was fake:

If you think that I edited this clip in any way, go watch it for yourself. You can find the entire video by clicking here, and go to the 1:19:15 point in the video.

Now he is being sued, and in his defense of himself, Alex makes a series of lies about his positions about Sandy Hook that are demonstrably false, just based on that clip posted above. Here are a few of them:

[Note: Alex will not stop calling the issue of Sandy Hook a "tar baby," which whether you like to admit it or not, is a racially loaded term. The term comes from the Uncle Remus series of stories written by Joel Chandler Harris, which served as the inspiration for the movie The Song of the South, a movie so racist that Disney has locked it up in the vault and pretended it does not exist. Alex's flippant and constant use of the expression should speak volumes about how deeply entrenched his racism is.

1) Alex Is Lying About The Timeline

In this clip, Alex claims that "1 year after" the events of Sandy Hook, he was convinced that people died there. The first clip posted above was from his Jan. 13, 2015 episode of the show, which is well over a year after Sandy Hook (Dec. 14, 2012). Alex is completely full of shit about this, and he continued on telling his audience that no one died at the school for a good long while after the pretend point in time when he supposedly was convinced that children did, in fact, get murdered.

2) Alex Is Lying About "Being Convinced By The Evidence"

In this clip, Alex says that he and Paul Joseph Watson went over the evidence and Alex was convinced that the event really did happen and children died. The problem there is that in the clip from Jan. 13, 2015, he clearly says "I couldn't believe it at first," when talking about how he now believes the whole event was fake. That clearly implies that something had to have "convinced" him of that, which suggests strongly that "going over the evidence" led him not to believe the exact opposite of what he is pretending it did in modern day.

3) Alex Will Not Stop Saying Tar Baby

This is really nothing to do strictly with Sandy Hook, it's just super upsetting.

4) Alex Lies About Not Saying People At Sandy Hook Were Actors

In the clip from Jan. 13, 2015, Alex repeatedly says that "they used actors." He wants to hide behind this facade of saying "I never said they were actors" when that is literally exactly what he said.

This particular clip has the added bonus of him trying to play like he's really a victim in all this "Crisis Actor" business because people have joked that he's Bill Hicks. We are sure that that ranks up there with people threatening to kill you because they think that you faked the death of your child in order to push a "Globalist" agenda because an idiot talk show host told you that was the case. What a soft, weak loser Alex really is.

The issue that we are dealing with is that Alex Jones is a very dumb, lazy guy. He only reads the headlines and first paragraphs of stories he covers. He has clearly never read any of the "Globalist" writings he pretends support his worldview (since most of them say the exact opposite of what he claims they do). And most importantly, he never, ever confirms or proves anything.

He goes on air and reports gossip as fact, message board posts as truth, misunderstandings as proof of conspiracy. This is a dangerous game, because it will eventually lead you to believe things that are absolutely not true, but you've built up too big a narrative to let any piece of it slip without letting the entire thing fall.

All of the pieces of Alex's Sandy Hook narrative, that he was pushing way past a year after the tragedy, are thoroughly debunked. All of the things he's bringing up to defend himself in the present are things that he can't prove (e.g. the clearly fake "Antifa/Soros contracts" one of his interns found on 4chan, and then they reported as being real). This is a big building built on nothing.

The problem with the game he is playing is that you cannot say that "they used actors" at Sandy Hook without your listeners/followers taking that logic to the next step. If they used actors, then all of the grieving families by definition have to be in on it. They aren't innocent victims of tragedy; they're evil villains who need to be exposed. By perpetuating the pieces of the narrative that Alex very definitely did, he brought unimaginable and horrifying abuse into the lives of people who had already suffered the worst pain imaginable in losing a young child to senseless murder.

Alex is perhaps lucky that the families of the victims did not sue him sooner. If the reality of his words and actions could be considered in court, he would be dead to rights, but legal technicalities may get him off the hook on this one. Either way, he is anything but innocent, and should be deeply ashamed of himself


On his April 18, 2018 broadcast, Alex Jones spoke further about what he wants people to believe were his actions, as it relates to Sandy Hook. Suffice it to say he lied a bunch more, but I felt it was worthwhile to add a postscript to discuss the specifics of these lies.

The first thing he said was reiterating that a year after Sandy Hook (which would be Dec. 2013), he stopped talking about it possibly being fake, or as he would say "having debates." He also weirdly says that the "Globalists" respect him and believe everything he says:

Obviously, he is lying. On Jan. 13, 2015, he said literally that no one died and that they were actors. Alex is a fucking liar, but he knows the courts can't use that clip and his audience is gullible, so he can get away with it.

This next clip is slightly more problematic. In this one, he claims that 4 years ago (2014), he told his staff to stop covering Sandy Hook because he got a bad feeling about it:

This is the biggest crock of shit ever.

If Alex told his staff to stop covering Sandy Hook in 2014, how does that explain that on Oct. 20, 2015, Alex compared a school shooting in Oregon to Sandy Hook, asking if this one "is a false flag, like Newtown?"

If Alex told his staff to stop covering Sandy Hook in 2014, how does it explain that he still allowed Steve Pieczenik to come on air on say that Sandy Hook was totally fake in December 2015? (Also, spoiler alert, Steve Pieczenik to this day says Sandy Hook was fake on Alex's show, and Alex always goes along with it, never pushes back at all).

If Alex told his staff to stop reporting on Sandy Hook in 2014, why on July 7, 2015 did Alex send his "reporter" Dan Bidondi to Newtown, and encourage his news director Rob Dew to embellish the opinions of his uncle, a retired FBI agent, in order to push the idea that Sandy Hook was fake?

Why did Alex play an innocuous interview with Rob Dew's uncle on the show, simply to push the idea that Sandy Hook was fake?

Further, why did Alex then push Rob Dew to exaggerate or make up a quote from his uncle to make the story more sensational?

We could go on and on with this, but please, understand that Alex Jones is a disgraceful liar, and he is perpetuating a disgusting fraud on his audience. Alex Jones, and everyone at InfoWars, was perfectly happy to roll around in the mud and make up shit about grieving families because it made them a ton of money and got them loads of attention they weren't capable of generating otherwise.

I want to wax eloquent at the end here, but I cannot. This is a group of weak, manipulative, cowardly liars, and their behavior in the past and the present prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.