Maybe We Should

The current government we have now cannot and will not hold. And this is not directly in response to Trump, as has been documented many times, the previous governments have been corrupt, cowardly bullshit, up to and including Obama. The onslaught Trump, bankers and the congressmen and women they own - and I mean it very seriously when I say those congressmen and women are owned; they are owned the way indentured servants were owned in the 1790s; they are whipped and beaten and poor, worthless versions of what humanity is; they are meek and callow weaklings; they are to be pitied and to be reviled as less than mammalian; they are Renfields, they are henchmen, they are murdering us - the damage they are doing by passing this fucking stupid bank deregulation bill is astonishing in combination with the million other shitty fucking bills they have passed. Combine this bill with the massive redistribution of wealth upwards and the tariffs that Trump wants to pass and we’re going to see a massive global depression, a massive avoidable great depression.

And we are the ones who are going to suffer. The people who have perpetrated this atrocity will not pay a dime for their crimes against the poor. We will bail these banks out again when the great depression hits. That’s the whole point of this bill. This bill is about making the oligarchs richer and richer in the short term and when the depression comes, a week in advance they’ll dump everything staying rich like Icahn did when he used his inside information to get millions. This will not be corrected by legislation. It’s unreasonable to imagine that a political system fostering the highest levels of income inequality ever seen while ignoring the imminent global crisis of climate change will be capable of course-correcting with the speed necessary to even mitigate the damage that is coming. The system is not broken, it is functioning perfectly, the system is what’s killing us.

To be clear, this is not an attack on democracy, or even representative democracy, this is an attack on capitalism. Capitalism is, and has always been, the prime mover of our oligarchy. Citizens United was a wrecking ball through a dam that was already made of swiss cheese. Our politicians have always been held hostage by the wealthy in this country, and, due to that, so many other countries have been wrecked at the whim of the American rich (*crosses self* may they all be burnt alive in front of their children). It is because of this that democracy cannot actually function. When the world is run by serial killers, we all get killed.

So here’s a thought experiment: what if what these right wing lunatics are afraid of is the right thing to do?

They are afraid of us taking their guns, maybe we should.

They are afraid of us putting them in FEMA camps, maybe we should.

They are afraid of us putting together an armed revolution overthrowing the government that has always, always favored white people and the rich above all else, maybe we should!

Have we even considered the outside possibility that their fears exist because they are afraid of what needs to happen in order to fix this shit? Have we considered that they are afraid of these things because they’re exactly what they deserve? Have we considered that, in the exact opposite way, they have the best plans?

I am not arguing for an armed revolution pretty much only because it wouldn’t work. What needs to occur is a complete takeover of the government by people willing to do everything. We do not need a majority, we need one big election. We need one wave of real crusaders swept into office as the pendulum swings back towards the left. We cannot have anymore of these fucking (D)-next-to-their-name-having motherfuckers that vote to deregulate the banking industry with the reasoning of “we need to show people Congress can still get things done” as a legitimate excuse for the crime they’ve committed. Every one of these people needs to be recalled and replaced with one of us. We need control and we need it for one term. We need to do what could’ve been done when Obama was elected and there was a supermajority. We need to pass everything and let the courts fight it out when we’re torn apart and killed.

Or we need to find high ground with fresh water.