Thanks to the Wonks

Until the 20th, I genuinely struggled to understand why people listen to our show. There are a lot of reasons Dan and I tossed back and forth over the past year. I didn’t know if it was, or wasn’t, funny. I find it to be fun, rewarding, intellectually challenging, and the most creatively satisfying thing I’ve ever done. I had no idea why anyone liked it. Is it actually funny? Is it just interesting? Are we just two guys who bounce back and forth off of each other in a pleasurable way?

But after doing the live show I can see that this is fun and funny to listen to. I’m immensely grateful to the people who listen to this show, to the people who came out, and to the Policy Wonks that donate to our show.

It’s easy for Dan and I to get lost in our ambitions, and to think that no matter how many people listen, they’re not enough. It’s easy to forget that Dan and I created a podcast that exclusively talks about Alex Jones of all people, and somehow people around the world have decided to spend hours and hours listening to us talk about a truly despicable asshole.

But the way everyone responded to and at the live show reminds me that what we do is really fucking cool, and I’m really fucking happy people listen to it at all. I’m even happier, though, with the people themselves who listen. Every single wonk I’ve ever met or interacted with has been kind. And not just to me, to everyone, the wonks I know have been smart and kind and there are no qualities I value higher.

So thank you to everyone who listens. Maybe this year we’ll take Alex down for good.