The Democratic Party Must Die

End the Democratic Party and replace it with something that isn’t bullshit. Today the House voted to expand warrantless wiretapping, because if there’s anything we want Trump to have, it’s the power to listen in on any conversation Americans have. Hey, the Democrats hate Trump and want him to be impeached, of course, but of course 55 of the stupid motherfuckers want to make sure his powers are expanded. Why even have two political parties if this is the type of shit they’re gonna feed us?

Right now the Democrats are negotiating an awesome deal to protect DACA members. Only they’re going to expand border security that won’t help, finance a big dumb fucking wall that won’t help, and who knows what the fuck else they’re going to give Trump. Fuck. I wish we were more like the conservatives insofar as they don’t fucking give up every fucking time. The Democrats are useless and stupid and have the collective backbone of a frog freshly squashed by a tire. The Republicans shut down the government over, essentially, America electing a black president and suffered zero consequences for it. It’s time to get rid of them.

It’s time to get rid of Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the House Democrats effectively allowing Trump to hack and slash away at every constitutional protection we have. And not just him, this has been going on since the Clinton era. Every single time a Democrat stands up for something and refuses to quit, they are celebrated everywhere. But because Bill Clinton won by turning the Democratic Party into diet Republicans, these fucking idiots refuse to believe they will be reelected if they do so. These are not the people we want representing us, and we all fucking know it.

So instead of bitching about it and not doing anything, I’m gonna lay out what the party needs to be. The party we need is one that states as its main purpose the equality of women. I believe it is the power imbalance between men and women that trickles down to all of our issues. I can’t speak to whether or not there is some intrinsic quality women have, but I can tell you that everywhere in the world, when women have more power, everyone’s lives are much, much better.

I don’t mean women in office, either. We don’t have enough women in office now, obviously, but the ones we do have are not exactly on the front fucking lines.

We need a party that is committed to every woman getting equal pay. Start there. A big part of the power imbalance between men and women flows from the economic disparity that causes so many women to rely on men for support. We need a party that is willing to shut down everything until that goal is achieved. We need a party that won’t negotiate on that front. We don’t need women to make 90 cents to every dollar a man makes, we need women to be truly equal economically.

We need a party that recognizes the current state of segregation we live in and refuses to allow it to continue. Our schools need to be integrated - forcefully, if necessary - our communities, our cities, even our small towns. So many of the bad ideas that form racism are really the small town fears of men and women who’ve never lived and shared with other races or ideas.

We need a party that refuses to compromise on wealth redistribution. Take, for example, professional sports. The leagues adhere to a salary cap and a luxury tax - Socialism! - and this is done to increase parity in performance. Are you shitting me? The solution is on our TV every goddam day.

The argument against it is stupid. The argument against this is that without the economic incentive people won’t start businesses and create jobs and all of that bullshit. Historically this is a dumb, dumb argument that doesn’t bear out. Does anyone really think we would all just lay around if we couldn’t make a billion dollars? Does anyone actually believe the people who start their own businesses are motivated purely by the possibility of untold riches? Does anyone really believe people wouldn’t work as hard? We all make, relatively speaking, zero dollars a day and still we work and work hard. Humans that aren’t stressed out constantly by the lack of security get bored and creative and need something, anything to do. We won’t just get new businesses, we’ll get some cool ass shit. We’ll get art. So many people with good ideas and thoughts and poetry inside them can’t access it because they’re too busy working in a fucking mill or wherever.

We need a party that is committed to fighting and fighting and fighting. We need a party that doesn’t budge an inch on these issues. Because I believe from these issues come all of our problems. These are THE issues. And we cannot compromise.