Happy New Year

We’ve come to the end of 2017 and it’s been a hell of a year, right? I mean, shit, everything is tangibly, forcibly different. At the same time, everything is not different. In the past year, the massive political upheaval has physically affected my life. This is bad. Because massive political upheaval is akin to a Tsunami, you can see it coming long before it washes you and everyone you’ve ever loved away. Is there hope to change it? No. You can block some of a Tsunami, you can prepare as best you can, but inertia and gravity are strong forces. Once a wave gets going, it ain’t gonna stop. 2016 was an awful year that people were glad to escape, 2017 is an awful year that everyone is glad to escape. You know what? 2018 is gonna be an awful year everyone will be glad to escape, too.

Will things get better?


So gear up, man, just gear up for the worst. Because it is yet to come. When the wave hits, when the wave hits, it might just be too much for most of us. It might be the last wave.

Now, you think to yourself, “Jordan, that’s alarmist talk…” - and that’s when I tell you to shut up, damn it. Because this is not a fucking blip. Trump is not a fucking blip. This is a sustained campaign by the richest people on the planet to gain more wealth at your expense. By doing so they have wrecked the climate, ruined the economy, fostered slavery (Not hyperbole!! In America!), and have ultimately sentenced many of us to die, if not all of us, including them. This is now undeniable. It’s not some sort of prophecy or prediction, it’s math.

Mentally prepare yourself for the fight. It’s coming.

I give to you the toast I’ve given four years running: Good bye to a shitty year, hello to another in a long line of shit years.

Happy New Year.