It Ain't White Women, Assholes

Roy Moore lost! Hooray!

Also white people are the worst.

One of the weirder criticisms I keep seeing is that white women in particular are largely at fault in regards to the unreasonable tightness of the election results. The same was said about Trump’s election. I get it, roughly two thirds of white women voted for Roy Moore. That’s an atrocity, I agree. The main problem with this criticism is that what it assumes is that white men are a lost cause. It assumes that white men are not at fault for their voting records. It assumes that white men will vote for white supremacy no matter what we do - especially white men without college educations.

If we’re going to go that route. If we’re going to talk about white women as somehow being a separate voting block from white people as a whole, then we’re blaming women more than men. Again.

The discussion we should be having is why are there so many white supremacists period. Which, by the way, is what you are if you voted for Moore. I can barely, barely accept the incredibly stupid argument that voting for Trump was an anti-Hillary vote for some republicans and that they are not, in fact, white supremacists. I personally disagree, but I can see why twenty years of propaganda surrounding Hillary would pause keep republicans from voting for her, and instead force them to vote for a white supremacist with an (R) next to his name on the ballot box, but this is not the case with Moore. If you voted for Moore you are a white supremacist. If you would’ve voted for Moore had you lived in Alabama, you are a white supremacist.

It shouldn’t even have mattered that he’s a pedophile in regards to voting for him. It does matter in the sense that he should be in jail, but without that information you’ve already got more than enough to prove that Moore is a religious zealot, fondly recalls slavery as a positive, insists women should not be allowed to vote, and has no interest in the constitution where it disagrees with him (and it does, violently). Moore is an atrocity of a human being with only one of those fucking credits to his name, a terrorist with all three. Still, 60% of white people in Alabama voted for him.

White women are not the issue. White people are. Even more specifically, white men are the issue. White men need to be stopped. The only hopeful statistic that came from the Alabama vote was that only (because the bar is set so goddam fucking low for white men in this dumb, pathetic, piece of shit country) 62% of white men with college degrees voted for Moore, as opposed to 79% without. Hey! Maybe expanding our education system and providing free college would help combat the scourge that is the terrorism of white supremacists.

That brings us back to the fucking rich. More than any other group, rich people are fucking us over and have been for forever. I know I rail about this at every possible opportunity, but this is the fucking issue. Until the rich fuckers who’ve destroyed this country in service of their addiction to money are defeated (and I’m accepting any and all ideas, blue sky thinking guys, no wrong answers), the access to education that can improve our dumb fuck white people will be out of reach. They are doing this shit on fucking purpose. They are absolutely aware of how that works. They know that dumb and poor means easily manipulated through fear and bigotry. It’s not white women who are failing us. It’s white men. Rich white men. May they be burned at the stake.