Until we change the Supreme Court in one way or the other, we will be the victims of mass shootings.

In 1936 FDR added justices to the Supreme Court (imagine how that would go down now, Democrats were so incompetent and Republicans so intractable that we spent more than a fucking year without a justice) in order to pack it with his people, people that would rubber stamp pretty much everything he tried to pass. Do not misunderstand, this is a shaky situation. In that particular instance, FDR was using these justices to get America out of the Great Depression and he was doing so in a way that would benefit the large majority of people as opposed to the richest. In fact, no president has ever had a more aggressively progressive agenda (shocker, during this period the lives of the poor began to improve at a faster rate as well as a more consistent increase shown over the next 40 years until the great fuckface Reagan fucked everything up for us). However, any use of power, especially this type of ‘partisan’ power, can be misused by the other side, as evidenced by Obama’s use of executive orders. By giving the president more power, which, by abdicating their own, Congress did, you give both presidents more power. The president that used that power to commit some war crimes, versus the president that is currently committing all the war crimes. So if we’re going to pack the Supreme Court in order to actually fix this dumb fuck government, we’re also going to have to close the door behind us. Otherwise we’ll just get into an ever more insane SCOTUS arms race.

If we can successfully add at least two more justices to the court, we’ll be able to pass through a large amount of progressive bills that would otherwise be challenged for a billion years in court. We’d be able to revisit cases that have fucked over the lower classes for hundreds of years. Did you know there are precedents from hundreds of years ago that are still used today? Fun Fact: that’s fucking stupid. Imagine reversing the damage done to women seeking an abortion, the damage done by fucking Citizens United, and the upcoming damage done to the working class by their utter gutting of worker’s rights. Unions will be decimated by the upcoming ruling that will allow non-union workers to opt out of paying dues.

They’re doing this because unions have been a reliable source of support for the Democratic party and also because they are owned by oligarchs who want to make every possible fucking cent they can. Unions benefit not just the people within the union, not just the people who do the same job and refuse to join the union, but every single member of the working class. The stronger unions are, the higher the wages of every single one of us. The argument used currently to compel non-union members to pay dues is that if you’re a public school teacher, union or non-union, the collective bargaining power will benefit you. If it benefits union and non-union equally, then both should pay their fair share. This argument is unimpeachable and yet, somehow, the SCOTUS will almost certainly rule it unconstitutional or however they may put it. They will do this because the GOP has packed the court and will use that power to ruin our lives until we do something about it, or the requisite judges die at the same time as a non-idiot, non-monster, non-oligarch supporting, piece-of-shit moron with malignant narcissistic personality disorder president is in office.

If we don’t successfully alter the process by which SCOTUS fucks us, whether by packing it, or perhaps, not a bad idea, abolishing it entirely, we will be in the thrall of the GOP long after they’ve been removed from Congress.