InfoWars Wiki

A lot of people have a lot of questions about the history of InfoWars and the nature of their rhetoric and business model. What we have endeavored to do here is to compile the most thorough and documented breakdown of all of the aspects that we can cover. Please peruse the categories below and learn about how much worse
Alex Jones is than people say.


Click here to learn more about the relevant players in Alex Jones' business life. Check out this section for a rogues gallery of Alex's employees, associates, guests, and maybe a few other categories of humans.

Primary Sources

Alex Jones' worldview is based on misrepresentations of many documents, writings, and primary sources from history. In this section, we will be discussing some of these sources and how Alex is intentionally misusing them.


Over the years, Alex has sold a whole lot of weird stuff. Some of it just sounds like snake oil, but other sponsors he's had over the years point to a more dicey trend in how his business is conducted.


Here is where you can find the references for things discussed on the podcast. Current episodes will be up, and older episodes will be added gradually until we catch up to the present.



Alex Jones uses a lot of shortcuts in his rhetoric. In order to make his points, he often relies on fake storylines and intentional misrepresentations. This is a collection of some of these narratives. (Section coming soon)


Many people have requested downloadable sound drops of Alex saying various dumb things we’ve covered on the show. Here you can find some of them, and more will be added over time.