April 4, 2018


  • Mike Adams: Mike Adams runs the website Natural News, which is your one-stop shop for all things that fall into the heading of "medical bullshit." While the site is supposedly a place where you can get the information you need to try to argue with people about how bad vaccines are, it also seems to weirdly slip into political territory all the time, like discussing how Obama's birth certificate is fake. He has taken down all his articles about how most national tragedies are false flags, and now redirects them to a page that explains not that he was wrong and embarrassed about it, but that "his mission changed," and it's all medicine now. Of course, that didn't stop Mike from creating a website entirely dedicated to harassing David Hogg, one of the survivors of the Parkland shooting, almost immediately after the shooting. It's called HoggWatch, and it's full of bullshit, with headlines like "Dear David Hogg, you’re a lying, opportunistic, insufferable little toe rag." Mike is a real top-tier asshole.


Alex completely loses it in the first hour of the show. It's probably a mix-up in his dosing of Super Male Vitality, but whatever the situation is, Alex is working himself up into a frenzy about false narratives about George Soros:

Throughout most of his on-air breakdown, he is furious that the clip they have edited from the George Soros interview from 60 Minutes doesn't include the part where Soros says "it was the best year of my life," so Alex threatens to play the entire interview. Of course, he doesn't ever do that, because in context, the audience would hear the part where Soros explains what he means when he says that the year of Nazi occupation was the best year of his life, which he is clear enough about in the clip, but he explains more precisely in his memoir:

That was my father’s finest hour, because he knew how to act. He understood the situation; he realized that the normal rules did not apply... He made arrangements for the family to get false identity papers, and he found places for us to live or to hide. He helped not only his immediate family, but a fairly large number of other people around him. I can truthfully say that he saved dozens of lives.

The important and paradoxical point is that 1944 was the happiest year of my life. This is a strange, almost offensive thing to say because 1944 was the year of the Holocaust, but it is true. I was 14 years old. I had a father whom I adored, who was in command of the situation, who knew what to do and who helped others.

George Soros is very clear that that year was the happiest of his life because of how much he loved and admired his father's heroism. If Alex has done even the smallest amount of research, he has to know this, and he is willfully misleading his audience, which is evil.

In a hilarious way, Alex later addresses his on-air breakdown:

It's so pathetic how he has to really stress to people that his screaming fits are definitely real, although he is aware that they boost ratings. What an idiot.

Strangely, Alex barely wants to talk about the shooting that happened at YouTube headquarters the previous day. It's tough to say exactly why, since all he really says about it is that YouTube kind of had it coming:

That's a pretty callous take on things. Also, YouTube didn't ban or censor the shooter, they demonitized her videos because her audience is not large enough. They are a private company, and they have the right to adjust how their platform operates. For a long time, no one was making any money for the videos they were putting on YouTube. Then, they added ads, and people could try to build up channels that drew in enough attention to make a living off of. Now, they are adjusting their model to only allow ads on larger channels that are appealing to advertisers. In no way is YouTube required to give people ad revenue if they don't have ads on their videos. Changing their business model is inconvenient for a lot of people, sure, and maybe it's unwise, but it doesn't mean they deserve to have someone shoot up their office.

For a large chunk of the show, Alex is joined by Mike Adams, who is a disaster. The two of them spend a little while complaining about already debunked conspiracies about David Hogg. Alex seems to be pushing particularly hard on the Reddit Post Controversy, and wonders out loud many times why no one is picking up the story. Our theory is because it's a zero, but Alex is sure it's evidence that Hogg has been a part of the Globalist/Exterminist Agenda for years.

After they finish up tiptoeing closer and closer to the line of outright just saying the words "crisis actor," and then Mike explains why Alex's audience is so smart:

This leads to a really long infomercial for their products, mixed with Alex and Mike jerking each other off about how each of their organizations are much bigger than CNN and MSNBC. It is a tremendous waste of airtime, but to be fair, Alex probably doesn't want to spend too much time talking about the news, seeing that things are looking pretty bad for Roger Stone these days.

One other thing that is particularly interesting is that on this episode, Alex accuses the "Globalists" of being vampires, but he is quick to point out that he's not saying that they are literal blood-drinking vampires:

The reason this is interesting is that last week, on March 29th, Alex said kind of the opposite:

Really, both arguments are stupid; one because it's so vague that it means nothing, and the other because he's saying that "Globalists" want to scare people so their blood is full of adrenaline which they can drink to get high. Both are stupid, but what is even more stupid is Alex trying to play it both ways. 

At the end of the show, Alex and Mike joke around about cross-eyes. Being a cross-eyed man, I didn't get offended at their idiocy, but I was curious about what they were saying:

As it turns out, as is always the case when Alex says "you can Google it," the search results do not back him up. As best as I can tell, he might be thinking of how the Mayans thought that kids being cross-eyed was a blessing to the Sun God Kinich Ahau. If you search for "aristocratic eye," you will find some well-priced monocles though, so I appreciate him helping me find that.