April 2, 2018


  • Gerald Celente: "Trends forecaster." Celente is, much like all of Alex's "financial guests" like Harry Dent or Peter Schiff, only on the show to spread pessimism and dread about the state of the economy. Though the numbers look good, don't trust them! He has a rich history of predicting market collapses on Alex's show, and then they never happen.


Today's show is a real disaster. Alex spends most of the first hour of the show complaining about how radio waves and 5G wireless internet is intentionally being deployed to destroy people's DNA. This is a complete stretch, but it's too much to get into it here, plus there are more important issues to consider.

The most important thing on this show is that Alex has decided that he may have been too hasty in not calling David Hogg a "crisis actor." For the weeks since the Parkland shooting, Alex has been saying that everyone is accusing him of saying that he called Hogg a crisis actor, but what he actually did was heavily insinuate that Hogg was a crisis actor. There is no difference between the two, but there is a valid legal difference.

On this show, Alex makes a jump in the wrong direction as he spends about half an hour of the show really drifting toward saying that Hogg is a crisis actor:

This is a very dangerous line of thinking. First off, Alex is trying to suggest that Hogg has been giving varying accounts of where he was during the shooting, and this is absolutely not true. Alex has an obligation to not report completely debunked things (especially about high schoolers who recently had their friends murdered at school), and he is derelict in his duty.

The confusion comes from Alex misrepresenting the quote from CBS where Hogg says that he got on his bike and rode three miles to the school to get interviews. Alex is pretending that he was saying he did that when the shooting was happening, but if you just take a second, search for some context, and listen to the rest of what Hogg is saying, it is absolutely clear that he is saying he rode his bike to school on the evening of the shooting. He went back to school to try to cover the event and get interviews because he was interested in journalism.

Alex is a complete idiot, and the implications of the things he's putting out are becoming really fucked up. If Alex believes that Hogg has been lying and giving different accounts about what happened on the day of the shooting, he must believe that Hogg is covering something up. And if he thinks that Hogg is covering something up, there is no doubt that Alex believes that he is covering up on someone else's behalf (obviously "the Globalists"). He cannot believe the things he's starting to preach without thinking that Hogg is a crisis actor, despite all his protestations that he hasn't literally used those exact words.

Later in the show, Alex declares that Pope Francis is the devil, or possibly the False Prophet mentioned in Revelation. Alex is not 100% clear which character the Pope is playing, but he is super clear that we are now in the End Times.

Alex has made this declaration because he saw a headline about the Pope saying that there is no hell, and that sinners are not punished in a fire pit after death. I have no idea why the concept of eternal punishment is so important to Alex (or any Christian, for that matter), but I guess it is. Probably some kind of feeling like, "if they aren't punished for being bad, then me going to Heaven for being good doesn't mean anything." The human brain is wild.

Anyway, the problem with Alex's rhetoric is that, according to the Vatican, this quote from Pope Francis is inaccurate. It is a quote from an interview with a gentleman named Eugenio Scalfari, an 93 year old Italian journalist who "prides himself on not taking notes or recording interviews." There is pretty good reason to believe that this quote is a little misrepresented, until Francis comes out and clarifies. But then again, that cool-headed position based on the facts does not make for very good screaming, so Alex goes the other way with it.

Also, Alex reveals that he believes that the "Globalists" are getting their marching orders from taking DMT and Ayahuasca and consulting with "goat-people" who are their spirit guides. This just sounds like a more creative version of your grandpa telling you that weed will make you gay:

The rest of the show is pretty boring and not worth discussing.