April 13, 2018

With almost no advance warning, Alex Jones decided to do a "34 Hour Marathon To Stop World War 3," beginning on Thursday and going on through Friday. In his mind, "stopping World War 3" is code for "getting Trump to not bomb Syria." Being as Trump bombed Syria on Friday night, one should probably assume that they didn't raise enough money during the marathon.

In all seriousness, it was likely a situation where his "press conference" stunt in Washington DC didn't work out how he wanted it to, and didn't get the base really energized, so Alex needed to switch it up a little and change the narrative. His own perceived enemies didn't seem to come out of the woodwork, and no one really cared outside of some slight mocking directed his way.

He could sense that Trump was signaling that he was going to attack Syria, but probably was betting that he would decide not to at the last minute. Taking that gamble, Alex would get to do a "Marathon To Stop World War 3" and in doing so bolster his anti-war credibility, and in the process also suggest that he and his crew were responsible for changing Trump's mind.

The only thing that could go wrong is if Trump went ahead and bombed Syria, which is exactly what happened.

With that strike, Trump accidentally proved that Alex does not sway foreign policy at all. It was revealed publicly that Trump is not the "sleeper cell of the Patriots" that Alex has been pretending for years. All of Alex's narratives and self-perceptions of importance vanished in front of his eyes.

This led to Alex doing a (most likely drunk) three hour long "special report" on Friday evening, turning on Trump and saying that he is "shit on my shoe." It was a pretty absurd thing to witness.

You can watch the whole thing on YouTube, or you can hear our breakdown of it below: