April 10, 2018

Tuesday was a big day for Alex. In the morning, he did a "press conference" from the Washington DC Press Club (which you can just rent out, anyone can speak there). It was a vanity laced affair, and really nothing happened that is worth mentioning.

Alex was just desperately trying to get more attention on himself, as he announced that he was going to countersue people who are suing him. It was a big yawn, and it was not made better by its swollen length and completely uncharismatic roster of speakers (Jerome Corsi, Millie Weaver, Jack Posobiec, etc.)

Alex's actual show on April 10th is similarly unimportant to mention, but what people should have taken notice of was the post-show "Q&A Session" that Alex put on. It was less of a Q&A session, and more of an "Alex and his friends get drunk and ramble in front of a disinterested crowd session." Things veer deeply into white nationalism, and no one looks good.

We did an episode covering the Q&A session, which you can hear below: