March 2009

March 1
No guests

March 2
UNC Chapel-Hill Professor

March 3
Mike Rivero
Richard C. Cook
NH State Representative Paul Ingbretson
NH State Representative Dan Itse

March 4
Bob Chapman
Lindsey Williams
Ted Anderson

March 5
Paul Craig Roberts
Marcus Williams, owner of NuBian Books
”Dr.” Rebecca Carley

March 6
Jason Bermas hosts

March 8
Lindsey Williams

March 9
OR State Representative Dennis Richardson
Greg Paland, from the Tony Alamo ministry

March 10
Ron Paul
Terry Bressi
Ches Kaine, seller of FM transmitters
Webster Tarpley

March 11
Jack McLamb
Col. Scott Wild of the Alabama National Guard
Gerald Celente

March 12
”Dr.” Rebecca Carley

March 13
Bob Chapman
Chuck Norris
Jack McLamb

March 15
No guests

March 16
Tommy Pallotta, frequent Richard Linklater collaborator

March 17
Barbara Lo Fisher

March 18
MO State Representative Jim Guest
Judge Andrew Napolitano
Peter Dale Scott

March 19
Chuck Baldwin
David K. Rabin, head of the American Legion
Stewart Rhodes, founder of the Oath Keepers

March 20
Bob Chapman
Ted Anderson
Aimee Allen
Jim Marrs

March 22
No guests

March 23
Kevin Booth, along with associates of Freeway Rick Ross
Alan Watt

March 24
MO GOP advocate Matt Martin
Guy from EcoloBlue, Alex’s water filter sponsor

March 25
Stan Montieth
Russ Baker
Shepard Ambellis
Webster Tarpley

March 26
John McManus, president of the John Birch Society
Patrice O’Neal

March 27
”Dr.” Scott Whitaker

March 29
Webster Tarpley

March 30
Webster Tarpley
Luke Rudowski
Karen Russo, of the Wrongful Death Institute

March 31
Marty Shackter, Alex’s soap sponsor
Steve Watson
Bob Schultz, anti-tax protester