June 24, 2015

The world on June 24, 2015:

  • Donald Trump has been running for president for 8 days.
  • A study is released the reveals that non-Muslim terrorists have carried out more terrorist attacks in America since 9/11 than Muslim ones. Muslims have perpetrated 7 attacks compared to non-Muslims who have orchestrated 17 terrorist attacks.
  • ISIS destroys ancient shrines in the city of Palmyra, which is seen by most as an affront to the history of humanity.
  • Calls to get rid of the Confederate flag from state property spreads, with conversations happening in Virginia and Mississippi. Walmart, Etsy, and Amazon have expressed that they are not going to allow sales of Confederate flag items.
  • Boko Haram kills 42 civilians in two Nigerian villages.

What Alex Jones covered on June 24th:

  • PIVOTAL EVENT: Alex explains on this show how he had a dream the night before that "lasted six hours," and it was unlike any dream he's ever had. He describes it being like a prophecy, a prophecy of what the world is going to be like if the Globalists win. He is not very specific about details, but the way he speaks, it becomes clear that he has internalized this dream as some kind of message from the divine. This combines with the "you are the only person who can save us" comments that Larry Nichols made on the show on June 17th, and the picture of Alex's mentality for the 2016 election starts to come into focus.


  • A lot of this episode involves Alex not really understanding that a lot of people have sincere feelings about societal issues. His position seems to be that all race, gender, and sexual orientation/identity issues are a distraction from bigger issues, and anyone who deeply cares about these sorts of issues is either actively working for the Globalists or is tragically being fooled by them. Alex lays out two examples from his life that he feels illustrate this:
  1. Alex doesn't like that people are against the Confederate flag, since it's just a symbol, plus lots of gangs wear professional sports teams' gear. One time Alex wore a 49ers hat and a cop asked him if he was in a gang. This argument is not compelling.
  2. Alex doesn't like that people are against the selling of the Confederate flag because when he was a kid, he bought Nazi memorabilia, and that doesn't make him a Nazi. Fair enough, and most people would agree with that, but it is every business's decision to make about what they will and won't sell. 
  • Alex conducts an interview with Paul Craig Roberts wherein the two side with Russia about the annexation of Crimea. They take the position that Russia is just trying to help the people of Ukraine deal with the manipulations of the Globalists.
  • Alex conducts an interview with a college student named Lauren Southern. Southern is a reporter for Rebel Media, and she is on the show because she had recently posted a video where she went out to confront women at the Slut Walk. Here are a few clips from Lauren's report, with Alex muttering pretty offensive things in the background.
  • Alex Jones has still not mentioned that Trump is running for president