August 10, 2015

At long last, Alex has returned from his vacation. His return brings with it some unsettling commentary about the situation in Ferguson, MO, and some very anti-Donald Trump sentiments.

At this point in history, Alex's feelings about the 2016 election are as follows:

  • Alex "trusts" Ted Cruz, but he loves and agrees with Rand Paul about almost everything.
  • Alex suggests that it is very possible that Trump is being blackmailed into running, in order to destroy the Republican party.
  • InfoWars employee Joe Jennings hates Trump and calls him a megalomaniac.
  • Most of Alex's callers hate Trump and think he is a Hillary shill.
  • Alex prophetically predicts that it is possible that Trump will lead the conservative movement into fascism, since the conservative movement is susceptible for that kind of thing.


  • Alex literally implies that Trump may be the Judas Iscariot of America.

All this is to say that it is a generally negative feeling for Trump that pervades the InfoWars studio in late summer 2015, though Alex does point out that he likes that Trump is anti-vaccination.

Most of the show is taken up by Alex talking about Trump, and taking the temperature of the audience by taking calls on Trump, most of them very negative. His callers are very gifted at picking up how to mirror Alex's positions back to him, so most of them say "I don't trust Trump, but I know Rand Paul is for real."

Beyond this, Alex complains a lot about how Alex doesn't want people to make him feel bad because of the recent death of Sandra Bland, and in a real insensitive moment, he says he has "Ferguson Fatigue." I can think of few lamer ways to say "I'm tired of hearing minorities express their experience in ways that make me uncomfortable." 

Also, Alex talks about his cool, expensive new car for about 15 minutes.

Notable Calls:

  • Old Man Landline calls in from Wyoming to complain about the Council on Foreign Relations
  • A caller brings up the fact that Trump has exploited eminent domain in the past, and that is something that Alex is very against. The caller also points out that Trump has advocated for the death penalty for Edward Snowden.
  • A 14 year old listener calls in and says that he has been listening for 2 years, then proceeds to parrot back Alex's talking points, as if they were his own thoughts and analysis. This is outrageously inappropriate, and on the call, Alex serves to reinforce this child's indoctrination.. Any decent adult would recognize that the content of Alex's show is not something that a 12 year old could possibly be mature enough to understand or process and encourage them not to listen to it. I would argue that allowing a child to listen to this show constitutes abuse.