July 16, 2015

The world on July 16, 2015:

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What Alex covered on July 16th:

  • Alex announces that he has been doing a lot of soul-searching about Trump, and teases explaining what that means for most of the show. As it turns out, what this means is that Alex still doesn't trust Trump, but that he is going to stop bringing up that he is a mob-connected, slimy casino owner. What changed his mind was apparently watching a couple YouTube videos over the past weekend. It becomes clear, in hindsight, that someone told him to stop talking about the mob ties. Alex makes clear that he doesn't endorse him, just that he's going to stop talking shit. Given the astounding levels of self-censorship Trump has bullied the press into imposing on themselves, I would not be surprised if this was an early example of that.


  • Alex explains that no one else can see the Globalists because they are incapable of seeing such evil or even admitting that kind of evil exists in the world. This is insane.
  • The Center For Medical Progress has begun releasing heavily edited anti-Planned Parenthood propaganda videos, and Alex cannot get enough of them. The videos would go on to net their creators multiple felony charges for videotaping people without their consent (all those charges are still pending at the time of this writing). They likely committed many other crimes, including a possible racketeering charge for creating a fake company for the purpose of fraud, but a lot of that still has yet to be worked out in court. The important thing is that the videos they released were found to be misleadingly edited to make it appear that the subjects of the videos were haggling over the price of baby organs, which they were not. The other important thing is that Alex Jones falls for it hard, and spends the next months of his show screaming about their videos.


  • One of the themes of his complaints about the Planned Parenthood videos is an underlying classist dog-whistle, wherein he consistently attacks the women in the videos for being at "high end restaurants" and drinking "fine wines," when nothing in the videos even indicates that they are in such a place or drinking anything other than table wine. It is clear that he is doing this to try to take his audience's anger at the upper-class "elites" and merge it with their hatred of people who support abortion.


  • Alex claims that he never said that Jade Helm was real, and that anyone saying such things should be ashamed.


  • Then, at the end of the show, he gets a call from someone in Alabama who claims that armed UN agents attacked him at a Walmart, and Alex offers to fly out that night. Spoiler alert, he does not follow through with this.


  • Jesse Ventura calls in and has what seems like a very healthy perspective on Trump, and the consequences of his rhetoric.