Obama Deception Citations

What follows are the resources that were used as reference in our coverage of Alex Jones’ 2009 “documentary” The Obama Deception.

On a fundamental level, most of the worldview that is expressed by Alex Jones’ voice-over, and that of his main “expert” Webster Tarpley is traceable to W. Cleon Skousen’s 1970 book The Naked Capitalist. That book was a complete misrepresentation of Carroll Quigley’s work, particularly his books The Tragedy of Hope, and The Anglo-American Establishment. If you would like to hear Quigley’s take on Skousen’s work, and how he trafficked in misrepresentations, you can find a basic example here.

This explains a good deal of the historical revisionism in the film, so it felt appropriate to bring that up at the start.

And now, the citations:

Obama’s speech from the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner

Alfred E. Smith Dinner speakers from the past

Obama’s speech in Colorado Springs was about expanding diplomacy and the Peace Corps

Rahm Emanuel’s interview on C-SPAN from 2006

Video of students chanting about being inspired by Obama

Audit finding missing funds at Urban Community Leadership Academy

Charter schools are a “failed experiment”

Rep. Brad Sherman explains his “martial law” comments when he appears on the Alex Jones Show, circa Oct. 2008

Louie Gohmert tells Anderson Cooper about “terror babies”

Louie Gohmert compares homosexuality to beastiality

Louie Gohmert goes to Egypt with Bachmann and Steve King

General El-Sisi killed civilians in the 2013 Rabaa Massacre

El-Sisi’s government is “working to eradicate independent civil society”

KRS-One is trying to start a religion, and says Christianity’s “time is up”

FreedomWorks letter about 2013 Government Shutdown

2008 Rasmussen poll showing that 9% say Congress is doing a “good or excellent job”

2008 Gallop poll showing a 14% approval rating for Congress

Webster Tarpley hosts World Crisis Radio on the Genesis Communications Network

NY Supreme Court rules that calling Lyndon LaRouche antisemitic is a “fair comment”

Webster Tarpley’s Bibliography

Review of Tarpley’s work

Catholic University of America censured by the American Association of College Professors for “academic freedom violations”

The Fulbright program is funded by the State Department

Webster Tarpley’s article condemning Trump, Ron Paul, Libertarianism in general, and (without naming him) Alex Jones

Melania Trump successfully sues Webster Tarpley for defamation

Gerald Celente’s bio says he is a “citizen of the world”

Celente saying he doesn’t know about $20,000/oz gold, but that $2,000/oz is imminent

Gold hasn’t hit $2,000/oz since 2011, 5 years before Celente’s prediction

Gerald Celente predicts that Bubble Tea is a bust

Gerald Celente was very, very wrong about Bubble Tea

Gerald Celente’s terrible 2000 predictions about “voluntary simplicity,” lawns and music

Gerald Celente’s process is to read two newspapers a day

Andrew Jackson and the Second Bank

Richard Lawrence thought he was Richard III, was not an agent of the banks

That Abraham Lincoln quote is fake

The fake Lincoln quote comes from careless editing of the 1950 Lincoln Encyclopedia

Obama’s original cabinet

The quote about Woodrow Wilson regretting creating the Federal Reserve is a fraudulent use of two quotes that predate the 1913 Federal Reserve Act

More on that fake Woodrow Wilson quote

Executive Order 11110 was not about eliminating the Federal Reserve, actually gave the Reserve more power

Troops in Vietnam increased 500% in Kennedy’s time in office

Bilderberg 1991 was in Baden-Baden, Germany

Bilderberg 1992 was in Evian-les-Bains, France

“And Now For A World Government” article from the Financial Times

Gideon Rachman was opposed to the UK getting involved in the Euro

Bilderberg Attendees, 2017

Business International Corporation’s founder’s son tells the NYT that they provided cover for spies in the Cold War

The Democratic primary election in 2008 ended on June 3, 2008

The 2008 Bilderberg conference was held on June 5-8, 2008, after Obama already won the primary

Alex tells a contradictory story on Coast To Coast AM

Professor Griff’s terrible commentary

Some more of Griff’s terrible commentary

Barry Goldwater’s quirky life accomplishments

Goldwater becomes a supporter of LGBT rights in his 80’s

Council On Foreign Relations member list

Trilateral Committee member list

George Humphrey bio

George Humphrey’s bad 9/11 film

The Federal Reserve Board of Governors is appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate (notice the .gov URL)

How the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee works

More on how the Federal Reserve system works

The Federal Reserve is regularly audited

Samantha Power interview on BBC’s HardTalk

Samantha Power interview with The Scotsman

Samantha Power leaves Obama campaign because of Scotsman interview

Obama and Russian President Medvedev were working on compromise in early 2009

Obama didn’t promise to get rid of the Patriot Act, just to revisit it

Obama’s adviser’s NAFTA comments were were a smear, and misreported by CTV

Executive Order 13492 did not say Obama was “thinking about closing Guantanamo,” it set a timetable for its closure

Concerns about intelligence sharing with the UK in Feb. 2009 were regarding the information they were possibly going to reveal, not the fact that they were going to reveal evidence of torture