And Now For A World Government

And Now For A World Government” is the name of an article published in the Financial Times on December 8, 2008. Alex Jones believes it to be an open declaration of the existence of a world government, but as is so often the case, he is just making stuff up.

Part of the problem is that the name of the article does suggest that the body of the text will involve its author, Gideon Rachman, proceeding to announce world government. “And now for…” has the ring of a host introducing the next act at a variety show, so I do understand how you could get that impression from the title. But you could only get that impression if you only read the title.

The Body Of The Article

When you begin reading the article, it should immediately jump out that the author is writing in the first person about his own subjective perceptions. That is what the article is about; about his personal opinion that he sees signs that a world government may be a plausible idea for the first time in history. Not that it is happening, not that it’s been announced, nothing of the sort.

Mr. Rachman goes on to explain why he feels this way:

  1. The problems facing most countries these days are global in nature, as opposed to primarily domestic concerns. Terrorism, climate change, and economic fluctuations are all things that do not have any respect for borders.

  2. Global collaboration is much more possible now, because of the advances the world has seen in technology, particularly in terms of communication and transportation. The entire world is accessible to everyone in a way it was not for previous generations.

  3. Those problems that were mentioned in Point #1? The only way any country is going to navigate any of those issues successfully is the world working together. International problems are generally not resolvable by local action alone.

The author goes on to discuss how there are indications that newly-elected President Obama is interested in international cooperation, and then brings up some proposals from the Managing Global Instability project (linked to John Podesta) regarding counter-terrorism initiatives, climate change programs, and UN peacekeeping efforts. All of this is to suggest that the trend appears to be leaning toward the world working together.

But in terms of it leading to an actual world government? The conclusion that he comes to is that it doesn’t appear that the idea is all that popular, so it probably won’t happen, and if it does, it won’t be anytime soon.

This article literally says none of the things Alex Jones claims it does, it just has a salacious title that Alex uses to build propaganda off of.

The Article’s Author

If Alex did any looking into Mr. Rachman, he would know that he is not some “Globalist” one-world government promoter. In 2001, he very publicly argued that the UK should not adopt the Euro as a currency, for just one example of him doing exactly the opposite of what Alex would say a “Globalist” would do.

All that doesn’t prove that Mr. Rachman is as much of a nationalist as Alex might like him to be, and even if he was, he’s British, but this should demonstrate that the author of this piece is not someone trying to use sneaky language to subtly announce the new Global Government, as Alex contends.