Rob Dew


Rob Dew is a long-time InfoWars employee, who is currently the “News Director” of the operation. His reports and presentation are generally very boring, but not “David Knight level boring.”

Rob Dew The Journalist

Since at least 2009, Rob Dew has been involved with InfoWars Nightly News as an anchor and News Director. A large portion of his work there involved covering the same intellectually dishonest news stories that Alex had earlier in the day, but with a slight veneer of professionalism added.

Interestingly, at earlier points in his career, there are some indications that Rob Dew thought he was performing the role of a journalist, as opposed to being a propagandist. For instance, there are multiple examples of him trying to stick to journalistic standards while Alex Jones insists he manufacture a reality that fits their pre-existing worldview.

One of these times was in the summer of 2015, after Rob told Alex that his uncle, allegedly a retired FBI agent, had been at a city council meeting about Sandy Hook and had commented that he’d “never seen anything like that.” While Rob’s uncle’s comment could mean any number of things, those words could only mean one thing to Alex, and that is that Sandy Hook was a false flag.

Alex had Rob get on air to discuss his uncle’s comments, and their exchange is very telling about how Alex likes to do business. First, he plays the only clip he has of Rob’s uncle talking about the council meeting:

This is pretty innocuous stuff. Almost anyone would consider a hearing about the murder of 20 children something unlike anything they’d ever seen before. But Alex has an in, Rob has talked to his uncle, so he can be pressed to make the comments sound much more nefarious than they actually are:

What you hear in that clip is Alex trying to stress to Rob that the facts don’t matter. InfoWars doesn’t run on facts, it runs on appearances, and if Rob got a feeling about his uncle saying Sandy Hook didn’t happen, he needs to say that because it would reinforce the appearance that InfoWars and Alex had already established as their editorial position.

To his credit Rob does not give in to Alex’s repeated requests that he just make something up on the spot, and that does indicate some very basic level of caring about your integrity at this point in his career.

Another instance like this comes in 2009, when Alex had dispatched Rob Dew to cover a homeless “tent city” in Sacramento, CA. Though Rob pushes back on Alex a lot less in this clip, it is still very clear that in 2009, he did not realize that he was working for someone who was solely interested in creating appearances, and could not care less about reporting about anything real.

In early 2009, Alex was working on creating the appearance that newly elected President Obama was creating Hoovervilles, and that this was one of them. This was not at all true, but Alex saw the potential to tell that story, using these homeless people as props. He even tells Rob that this is a “key shoot” for his new documentary, and yet Rob still does not seem to get that he’s working for a propagandist.

It’s also possible he understands that completely, and it would be naive to think that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Either way, no matter if you look at Rob Dew generously or cynically, he’s been working as an underling for Alex to create manipulative lies about the world for over a decade.

Rob Dew Is An Asshole

In 2018, former InfoWars employee Ashley Beckford filed an EEOC complaint against Alex and his company, Free Speech Systems, Inc. In the document, Rob Dew is not painted in a very good light.

He apparently is a bad boss, demanding his subordinates work unpaid overtime, saying they’d “better be dead” if they miss work. She claims that at a certain point in her employment, she was becoming upset with the clearly racist undertones of so much of InfoWars content, and she brought this up to Rob Dew, her direct supervisor, and he did nothing to address her concerns. This should come as no surprise, because she also alleged that Rob would later call her “a coon,” which even if he meant raccoon (as he claimed in his defense), he should know better than to use that term.

Former InfoWars Video Editor Rob Jacobson also filed an EEOC complaint around the same time, and his also paints Rob Dew as a bit of a dick, saying that Dew would refer to him as “the Resident Jew.”

Rob Dew’s Work At InfoWars

In all the research that went into compiling the information on this site, no evidence was uncovered that Rob Dew has been responsible for contributing to anything relevant from a news prospective.