Buckley Hamman


Buckley Hamman is Alex Jones' cousin on his mother's side. Buckley is very clearly a large part of the behind the scenes operations at InfoWars, but it is very difficult to discern exactly what his role is with the company. Even The Hill couldn't nail it down, crediting him in this way: "Hamman works for Infowars without a defined job title."

In Ashley Beckford's EEOC complaint against InfoWars, Buckley is named as the "Director of Operations."

Buckley's Musical Talents

Though Buckley's role at InfoWars is a matter of great interest, it would be wrong to not start out by talking about something positive about the man.


In Summer 2018, SPIN started speculating that Alex Jones was a house DJ after he filmed a special report standing in front of some pretty heavy duty DJ equipment. 

It's all fun and games to speculate that Alex lives a secret night life out at the raves (and it would explain why he's hungover all the time), but unfortunately, the explanation is a little less satisfying.

Buckley is frequently Alex's camera-man when he films special reports, particularly when he shoots them out-of-studio, and as it turns out, Buckley is a rather serious acid-house DJ.

You can find his Soundcloud page easily enough by searching for his name, and you can sample his music for yourself there. We would love to mock Buckley for being a middle-age wannabe DJ, but even we have to admit that some of his work is pretty legit

Role At InfoWars

As mentioned, it is incredibly difficult to nail down precisely what Buckley's job title would be, since he appears to wear many hats. He has by-lines for articles on the website, he appears periodically as a guest on the show, and he also posts occasional inspirational videos shot in Chicago on his Facebook page. In the past, Buckley has been featured in InfoWars ads for products like Caveman Bone Broth. On more than one occasion, Buckley has appeared on air to act as sidekick/babysitter when Alex is a bit drunk doing Reddit AMAs.

In her EEOC complaint against InfoWars, Ashley Beckford alleges that in a February 2017 meeting, Buckley called the company's production staff "motherfuckers," and demanded that everyone work unpaid overtime.

Outside of InfoWars

In 1993, Buckley was arrested for theft and served a day in jail.

Buckley Hamman is the Sargent-at-Arms of the Austin chapter of Toastmasters International, a social group focused on helping people become better public speakers.


All in all, Buckley seems like a very complicated figure. He shows some signs of being a genuinely good person (the inspirational Facebook videos), some signs of having creative passions (his DJing), and of being civic minded (being an officer in Toastmasters). At the same time, he shows just as many signs of being a complete dick (the allegations in Beckford’s EEOC complaint, the fact that he works for InfoWars, etc.)

A lot of claims have been made that Buckley works for the CIA, and is somehow Alex’s handler. These claims, while fun to think about, generally rely on no further facts than “Buckley spent time in his childhood in Guatemala,” and “Alex has claimed he has family who worked in Intelligence.”

Until something more concrete comes up, it is a far more likely conclusion that Buckley is a not-so-great but possibly kinda-okay guy who happens to be Alex’s cousin, and because of that, he holds a vaguely-defined executive position at InfoWars.