Alan Watt


Alan Watt is a Scottish weirdo and New World Order conspiracy theorist who is one of Alex Jones’ main resources when it comes to his worldview. He has appeared on Alex’s show for years, and hosts his own show called Cutting Through The Matrix.

Who Is Alan Watt?

This may sound like a crude oversimplification, but it would not be unfair to say that Alan Watt is basically the same as Alex Jones, but less charismatic.

After reviewing countless hours of him and Alex speaking, one walks away with nothing learned other than that the two of them agree about everything. They both believe in the same version of a secret New World Order which has its roots in the Bavarian Illuminati. They both believe anthropogenic climate change is a hoax meant to bring in carbon taxes. They both believe vaccines are a secret plan to soft-kill the public, and that they are an essential piece of the New World Order’s eugenic plans. They both don’t believe in the cause of equal rights, whether it be applied to racial issues or as it relates to the LGBT community. They both believe in FEMA camps being set up to incarcerate the “patriots” after the New World Order “makes their move.” They both believe that the EU and UN are evil, and that Agenda 21 is the international structure for setting up a global tyranny.

There is almost no substantive, concrete difference in the things these two men believe, only a difference of style. Alan speaks in a slow, monotone light Scottish brogue, Alex yells wildly with a exaggerated Texas hill-country twang. Clearly one of these is more interesting than the other.

Alan’s Work

Alan Watt has released a trilogy of books that read like the rantings of a lunatic. Here is a small excerpt from his book “Cutting Through Book 1: The Androgynous (Hermaphroditic) Agenda” with all of the original capitalization and grammar retained:

The Greek philosophers taught the method in story form. An imaginary Dialogue would occur between two or more people. By “logic” every societal problem was reduced to the BINARY CODE. EITHER-OR. We know it better as the Dialectic Process. By how LOGOS(the WORD) is used, those following the conversation are brought to a conclusion . The conclusion BEE-comes their own. They are now INFORMED. The purpose is to usurp power from the individual and have him slave willingly towards “the betterment of humanity.” The beehive has always been the symbol of the perfect society in ancient Egypt, the Minoan culture and Freemasonry. Behave is from Beehive.

This is outlandish. It is hard to say whether he is more in need of a therapist or an editor.

It is hard to say exactly what his point is here, but a few easy things to point out that are problems right off the bat are

  • The word “behave” does not come from "beehive.” That is absurdly dumb. Behave comes from the Middle English word behaven which meant “to comport one’s self.” It also has a cognate in Old English in the word behabban, meaning “to contain,” essentially taking on the meaning “to contain one’s self.” Beehive, on the other hand, is a combination of “bee” and “hive,” the latter word being derived from the Proto-Germanic hufiz, meaning “round container or bowl.”

  • Minoans did not celebrate the bee because they thought the hive was a symbol of a perfect civilization, they did so because they had developed beekeeping pretty early on in their civilization and honey was a valued commodity, both something to trade, but also as a way to make honey mead, something they’d sorted out before they were even able to make wine. They also believed that bees were a sacred insect that connected the world to the underworld, since they disappeared in the winter.

  • Logic does not reduce societal problems to “binary code.” This indicates a very serious lack of understanding of what logic is, and his claim that reading philosophy necessarily leads you to a conclusion you have accept is absolutely nonsensical. You can read all the Platonic dialogues you want and not agree with any of them, a lot of people do.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that these books are very self-published, and the cover features super sick graphic design work.


He Is Not Alan Watts

An important distinction is that Alan Watt is not Alan Watts, the deceased philosopher, author, and lecturer. Alan Watts is fun to listen to, Alan Watt is a boring paranoiac.

These People Are All Con Men

Alex Jones had Alan Watt on as a guest very regularly in 2008-2009, as he worked hard to pivot out of the Bush Years. He needed to remind people that, though he’d been railing on Bush for years, it was not about Bush, and with him gone, it didn’t matter who replaced him. No matter who it was, they would be a puppet of the New World Order. In order to reinforce this message and reestablish this baseline, someone like Alan Watt is a great asset to have around.

Watt was more than willing to appear frequently and pal around with Alex, which is super funny because in 2006, Alan Watt appeared on The Richard Syrett Show and said that Alex Jones is “a pied piper" who was using Tavistock Institute techniques to terrify the public into inaction. Gotta wonder what changed his mind. It’s not like Alex did less fear-mongering in 2008 than in 2006.