The Government Of Israel

There are many conspiracy theories that float around on the internet about the idea that Alex Jones works for Israel, or at very least he is some kind of sold-out/paid-off shill for Israel. Almost without exception, every one of them relies on excessively complicated and vague connections between people and organizations that end up sounding a little too familiar. The unproven connections and the use of vague implication are the exact same tactics that Alex himself uses to tie together all the disparate individuals and groups he has decided to label as being “Globalists.”

What is particularly bothersome about this is that there is a far easier way to make the argument that Alex Jones has received money from the government of Israel: you can just listen to his show and hear him airing commercials that they have paid him to play.

These were commercials that Alex Jones was airing on his show in the Spring of 2008, and they were absolutely paid for by the government of Israel. You could find this out by going to the website they are promoting,, and navigating to the bottom of the page, where you will find this:


See there, down at the bottom, who owns the copyright on this website? It is the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, a government entity.

Does this mean that Alex Jones is a paid agent of Israel? Not even close. But, what it does indicate is that at this point in his career, Alex did not give a single shit about who was giving him money. You have to remember that in this era of his career, Alex was pretty seriously anti-Israel:

This is but one of many clips from around this time where Alex expresses his then-position on geopolitics in the Middle East. He, generally speaking, is pro-Iran and anti-Israel. While it is true that at some point between 2008 and the present day, his positions would flip, it seems weird to argue that he ended up becoming pro-Israel because the government of Israel paid him off, when they were literally buying ads on his show while he was expressing anti-Israel opinions.