Stop caring about what they say. Stop caring about what they think. Stop caring about what they write or publish or shout into the void. They stopped caring about you a long, long time ago.

The people who want your healthcare taken away are going to have their healthcare taken away, too. They will cheer for this. They are stupid. More importantly, and more to the point, they will be incapable of reconciling this fact. As the elderly, who voted for Trump overwhelmingly, die miserable and in pain, unable to afford a nursing home or assisted living facility or a house or an apartment, not just bankrupting themselves, but bankrupting their families who will do their best to treat them with compassion and throw money at their problems; they will applaud the very people who sentenced them to this fate.

Why will these morons, these utter fools, too stupid and entrenched in their own idiocy to stop for one moment and consider how they’ve destroyed themselves, still live in denial? Because they won and we lost. That is all they care about.

Trump voters do not care about themselves at all. They do not function within rational self-interest. All they care about is what liberals want, ironically. They care about it so much. They think liberals are the source of evil. They have been thoroughly indoctrinated with a belief in nothing but the destruction of liberal thought. So long as liberals lose, they will be happy.

The GOP does not have any ideas or policies or ideology beyond ‘dismantle everything that liberals have made’. What have they built? Their healthcare policy is ‘no healthcare’. Their tax policy is ‘no taxes (for the rich)’. Their military policy is ‘more war’ (doesn’t get more destructive than that). Their only goal is death on a massive scale.

There is no logical argument that can sway them, they are irrational. Pointing out the benefits of a socialist structure, and how many there are, and how much they would improve everyone’s lives will not give them pause, it will not change their minds. They are lost and to imagine otherwise is naive in the extreme.

Furthermore, the people whose interests the GOP is ostensibly acting for are just as stupid. The oligarchs will get more money in the short term from the massive tax cut they’re angling for, and then they will get less money because their businesses only function if people buy things. Siphoning money away from the middle class (which they’ve been doing but are now accelerating) will keep people from having enough money to buy things. This is a true thing that they cannot admit to themselves. This is what we learned during the 20s when the crash hit. The only way out was to redistribute income from the rich to the poor and it fucking worked. It worked so well that lives improved uniformly (though definitely not equally) for 40 years. When the GOP began dismantling the New Deal, overseen by the third dumbest president in American history, lives worsened uniformly (though even more unequally). These are true statements, borne out by history.

And not just American history. The events unfolding today have been the fundamental failing of humanity since always. When you consolidate power among a small few to the detriment of the many, everyone gets fucked. Sooner or later a rebellion happens. Sooner or later the oligarchs fall (hopefully in as violent a manner as possible). Or, even worse, when they realize there is nothing left for them to suck out of the many, like the miserable parasites they are, they eat themselves.

Monarchs and oligarchs last a few generations at best and then they suffer the same fate as the ones that came before and the ones that will come after (for as long as there is an ‘after’).

Humanity has a history problem.

So few are left who lived through the Great Depression, who saw firsthand the effects of a "Rich Folk First!" world, it is no longer a real thing to us. It is something in a history book. History books can be written by anyone, but they can only be distributed by those with the money and power to do so. So they'll teach the history that benefits their agenda, regardless of reality.

In Texas history books, slaves were “workers”.

Christians believe the Earth is 6 to 10,000 years old, depending on flavor of stupid.

So long as history has no ties to reality, you can justify whatever it is you want to do in the present. Propaganda is the destruction of reality, so it fits right in with every other GOP policy.