Focus, Damn It

I check Google News every morning because it’s an exceptional news aggregator and because I am a sheep incapable of escaping from the foul grip of our shadowy technocratic overlords. I’m absolutely contributing to the death of investigative journalism (even though it’s been bleeding out from countless wounds for 40 years) and the ever greater consolidation of power within corporate media sources, but hey, fuck it.

At least 70% of the headlines feature the word “Trump”. This is a massive problem. The trend inescapable is maddening because every article is redundant. We already fucking know. Everyone who’s going to get it, gets it. Everyone who doesn’t get it, will never. There’s no story of his psychopathy that can surprise, there’s no bottom to his madness, there’s nothing more to say about him. He’s not news. He’s not even fucking fake news at this point. He’s the presidential equivalent of Dog Bites Man.

When he called the widow of a dead soldier and was a dick, were you at all surprised? When he tweets out some threat to North Korea or some defense of some racist or some racist shit himself, are you surprised? More pressing, does it change your thinking regarding him? Of fucking course not. Because we already know enough about him to judge accurately what needs to happen to him and that’s some sort of ironic, Twilight-Zone-y type of punishment. Like maybe he’s put in a small, padded room with a permanent gag in his mouth and his hands tied behind his back while civil rights leaders tweet W.E.B. DuBois quotes from his account. Maybe not that, but something along those lines.

I’m not giving some kind of “If you ignore him he’ll go away” take, quite the opposite, I think every story should be about him. He is the largest immediate threat to the entire world. The entire GOP is butt and should be removed with the use of a time machine set to 1979, but none of them are so obsessed with a combined paranoia and pathetic need for instant and total approval. Those two qualities are the perfect Nixonian mix of getting us all killed. The damage Pence and the rest of the GOP fucks will do once he’s gone will be catastrophic, but it will be reversible so long as we can come together and defeat them, but the reality of Trump is not necessarily nuclear war, but definitely the destruction of any kind of global cooperation with the US.

It’s time to let go of the shit that Trump does being the story, “Trump makes false claim” is not news, he’s a liar. “Trump lies and needs to be impeached” is the news. “Trump tweets…” should be changed to “Fuck Trump, he needs to be impeached, and also why the fuck is tweeting a news thing? Like, for real, what world do we live in where the President is even allowed to tweet?” “Trump says…” needs to be changed to “The oligarchs are murdering us all because all they fucking care about, and are using the stupidity of their easily lied to racists to gain, are Tax Cuts”.

Most importantly, every front page, blog, and tweet should be about the cowardice, worthlessness, idiocy, and actual, real-life evil of the GOP house members who refuse to do the only fucking job they have. If enough of them can be successfully bullied into doing something valuable for once in their lives, move on to the Senate.

So I suppose the great question of the internet generation is simply, “Can we focus if our lives depend on it?” Cause they goddam do.