The Show


Why are we doing this...

The world is spinning out of control, and the tendency toward people being completely polarized is growing every day.

For years, one could listen to The Alex Jones Show and chuckle about how he's out of his mind, and thank your preferred deity that he's so far from being relevant that he's basically screaming into the void.

As the world grows more troubling, one of the most startling things we've noticed is that Alex Jones is being quoted by the president, and the lies that he peddles on his show and website seem to be influencing people with legitimate power.

Dan and Jordan started this podcast due to a belief that fighting against his deeply flawed philosophies through debate is a fool's errand. They believe that mocking and documenting are far more powerful tools, and as such, that's what the podcast aims to do.

Sure, a lot of the subject matter is heavy, but give the show a chance, and see if you don't love it. Bet you will.