Alex Jones Has Problems With Race

Alex Jones often complains that people call him a racist, but then never
provide a clip of him saying something racist. We decided to remedy that.

A pretty standard definition of racism is as follows:
"A person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other
races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another."

Enjoy this ever-growing archive of times Alex Jones said some pretty racist stuff on his show


Alex Doesn't Understand Racist Policing: March 1, 2017

In this clip, Alex Jones tells of a time he got pulled over as a minor with beer in his car by a cop with a swastika tattoo. He says the cop let him go, acknowledging that he did so because Alex was blond

This would just be an interesting story, had he not prefaced it by saying "I've never seen racism from whites," or had he not gone on to pretend that this Nazi cop has never pulled over any black people. 


Few Black People Alive Have Been Racially Abused As Much As Alex Jones

Alex explains that he has been the victim of more race-based abuse than all but a few living black people. This is absurd and illustrates Alex's inability to understand complex social dynamics.

After this clip cuts off, the only evidence Alex gives to back up his claim is that he was beat up as a youth by "black gangs," but then goes on to discuss white gangs and it gets confusing. What makes it all the more confusing is that Alex has on many occasions bragged about the fights of his adolescence, and he seems to look back on them very wistfully. Thus, it is hard to accept this victim narrative, especially in the racially charged context he presents it in.

As I write this, the police officer who murdered Philandro Castile was just ruled not guilty, which I guess makes Mr. Castile ineligible for Alex's comparison, as he's no longer alive. However, I would posit that the horror and abuse suffered by Mr. Castile's girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and her 4 year old daughter, who were in the car wherein Castile was shot is probably far worse than any fights Alex got in as a kid, and now calls "rights of passage."


Muslim Women In Coffee Shops Freaks Alex Out

One of Alex Jones' chief complaints about Muslims is that he feels that they are a completely incompatible culture to "the West," the current coded way of saying "white."

In this clip, Alex essentially invalidates all of the pretense behind this theory, and really lays bare that what he is afraid of is not the incompatibility of Muslims, but their demonstrable compatibility. It is not threatening to a racist to see negative stereotypes of minorities that they malign, that only serves to reinforce their prejudice. What scares a bigot the most is the sight of the groups they don't like fitting in, because it proves that there is no truth to their false, feigned-intellectual arguments, and exposes that what drives them is just hate born out of fear.

The fact that Alex specifically discusses seeing Muslim women at a Starbucks and pool supply shop in an Austin suburb shows clearly that he doesn't care about compatibility.


Alex Seems To Think Panhandling Is The Same As Mugging

As a Chicago resident, I have my fair share of run-ins with the homeless and the less fortunate. Some of the less pleasant experiences I've had have been very similar to what Alex describes in this clip.

Alex explains that every time he goes to East Austin after dark, he gets approached by large black men who tell him that they need money, in an aggressive tone. Leaving aside for a moment Alex's rich history of embellishing stories, I would agree with him that it is very uncomfortable for someone begging for money on the street to have an aggressive approach. That being said, I understand where it comes from; many of them are starving to death, or are in the grips of a terrible drug withdrawal. That does not excuse accosting someone, but is a very important variable in this equation.

The important thing here is that, even from Alex's probably heightened version of the story, he is not the victim of anything, save for possibly being made to feel uncomfortable by having to brush up against another person's desperation. He interprets that experience as an attack, and goes on to explain that there is a prevailing attitude that these black people "are allowed to do that to you because you're white." This seems like a pretty cut and dry example of projection, and of Alex stretching very far to prop up his white victimhood narrative.


Alex Immediately Suggested The Charleston Shooting Was A False Flag

This one is not possible to contain within one clip, so I have included here a player with the episode of our podcast we did about the June 18, 2015 episode of Alex's show.

If you don't want to listen to it all, suffice it to say that within the first 90 seconds of the show, Alex minimizes the deaths of the 9 church members who were murdered by suggesting that if Dylann Roof was smart about killing black people, he should have worked at Planned Parenthood. He goes on to say that the event was planned, possibly months in advance because the "Globalists" wanted to cause race riots.

Putting it lightly, this episode is in poor taste. The bottom line is that 9 innocent people who happened to be black were murdered because they were black, while they were at a church prayer meeting, and Alex's response to blame everything other than the person who actually did the murdering. 

Juxtapose that with this clip, where Alex discusses the murder of one white woman, Kate Steinle. Though an absolute tragedy, there is no evidence that the murder was racially motivated nor even intentional, but was committed by an undocumented immigrant, and Alex cannot stop bringing up that the victim was a white person.

The shooter, Juan Lopez Sanchez, certainly had a criminal history, but the reality of this case is that the gun went off accidentally, and the bullet that struck the woman ricocheted off the ground and hit her. This in no way makes the death less sad, but it does mean that Alex's narrative is incredibly dishonest, and the way he brings in Khalid Mohammed's unrelated comments about "military manufacturing centers" is unabashed white-victim baiting.

The way Alex presents the case as a racial crime is offensive, especially considering his approach to Charleston. And, if you want just a short clip of Alex's thoughts on Charleston, here you go.


Alex Thinks Most Acts of Racism Are False Flags

In this clip, Alex has a conversation with leader of The Proud Boys, Gavin McInness, about some racial issues. The two white dudes seem to land squarely on the side of "these minorities are worked up about nothing."

This clip was in response to a trailer for the show Dear White People being released, and their response is predictably reactionary. Instead of hearing what other groups are trying to express, they get defensive about how no one is having "black face parties," if anyone is doing racist things (like painting swastikas on dorms) they are probably leftists doing false flags, and how a large percentage of black face historically has been "reverent."

While I suppose different people have different opinions about what "reverent" means, the thing that is important here is that Alex's immediate response to anything critical of white people is to attack, to suggest that the racism minority groups feel is probably overblown or is secretly being done by people who pretend to be their allies.

Real racist incidents happen all the time, like the time two white students covered the lawn of the Black Culture Center at my alma mater, the University of Missouri, with cotton balls, and just ended up with a littering charge. These stories are everywhere, they're just not reported on WND or Drudge Report, so Alex does not see them, and his assumption people must just be making stuff up is by definition prejudiced.


Alex Drunkenly Says He's "Basically Hispanic" Because He Likes Tacos

On March 30, 2017, Alex Jones did a 2 hour "special report" while very clearly drunk. He's angry, slurring, and slightly more off-topic than usual.

In this clip, he begins by complaining about how the media is maligning him by saying that he thinks that a "Jewish mafia runs the world." While he may have never literally said those words, his worldview, namely that a group of shadowy "Globalists" run the world and are trying to dumb down/enslave/kill everyone, is an almost direct rip from thoroughly debunked antisemitic text, The Protocols of The Elders of Zion. Add to that how he routinely just makes up stories about George Soros, going so far as to slanderously claim that he was a Nazi collaborator, and you get the picture of someone who is beholden to some deeply anti-Jewish inclinations.

The rest of the clip includes him defending himself against accusations of being racist by saying that he is basically Hispanic in the food he eats and that he thinks Hispanic women are beautiful. This is painfully reductive, but I would probably be no more eloquent if I was a drunk bigot, so I probably should not judge.