Alex Has Done Meth At Least Twice

Alex Jones is a man who's worst enemy is the fact that he has to fill 3 hours of radio broadcast every day, and as such, he often ends up saying things that he does not mean to say, and once he does so the recording lives on forever.

On the August 26, 2015 broadcast of The Alex Jones show, our host made this admission about his past drug use:

First of all, we have no interest in shaming people for experimenting with drugs. It is much weirder to imagine growing up and not wanting to explore altering your consciousness. We take a hard position that doing drugs is a-okay in our book.

However, we would be remiss if we didn't point out a few problems with this admission of Alex's past meth use.

The first is that he doesn't specify what doing meth twice means. Unlike many other drugs, meth is a drug that has a very binge-centric use pattern. One rarely does one helping in a night, and decides, "well that's about enough of that."

One of the most dangerous features of drugs like meth or cocaine is the intense euphoria that comes immediately upon taking them. It happens so quick, and the change is so drastic, that the coupling in your mind of the great feeling and the ingestion of the drug is unbelievably strong. 

Add to that the fact that (unless he was taking meth in pill form, which he was not), the intense effects of taking meth last for approximately 3-5 minutes, after which there is about an hour of a diminished euphoria mixed with coming down. The idea that Alex Jones took meth at a party with these classmates, then the next day was still high on a beach means that he took a lot of meth that night.

Our further issues are as follows:

  • He says that he was at the beach "doing bad things," which he retroactively defines as him putting cigarettes out on his own skin. That is pretty wild to imagine Alex Jones doing that, but at the same time, that's not "bad" it's just dumb. We strongly suspect that something much worse was happening overnight on that beach.
  • He says that he did meth twice, and ostensibly this is the first time. Why did he do it again after this night that he is describing 20-something years later as a horrible night?
  • Conversely, if this is the second time he did meth that he's describing, then we would have to assume that the first time was probably a lot of fun. Why not tell that story? 

There's a lot more going on here than we're being told.