Alex Endured Emotional Abuse From His Mother

Before we dive too far into this chapter of Alex's living biography, I want to make very clear that this entry is solely based on Alex Jones' words, and we at Knowledge Fight make no claim to know whether or not what he's saying is true. We do not know what Alex's relationship with his mother was like, all we can do is take his words and go from there.

On the April 11th, 2017 edition of The Alex Jones Show, our host was in the middle of explaining how humanity's great test was to leave the Earth, though we may love the planet, when he made this comparison:

This is an alarming revelation, for any number of reasons.

Alex's mother is directly telling him that she will be disappointed in him if he doesn't grow up to fit her precise image of masculinity.

Alex's mother is equating the withholding of love as being the path to manhood, and more importantly, the path away from being a "mama's boy."

Perhaps the most alarming part, however, is Alex accepting this as reasonable, and as a healthy part of growing up, when in fact, if the event he describes actually happened, it would be a profound example of parental abuse.

I'm not a psychologist, so far be it from me to write a paper on the effects of a parent explicitly withholding their love (or even just making their love conditional). But, I am a human, so it is well within my abilities to say that this chapter of Alex's history is intensely depressing, and from it, it's not too hard to trace a line and make sense of how he ended up where he is now.

The child is the father of the man, as they say, and when the child is an emotionally abandoned six year old, all too often he becomes father to a man with some very messed up perceptions, in Alex's case about the nature of masculinity, an issue that is bubbling under the surface of almost all of his positions and prejudices.

It is ultimately tragic that it appears that Alex Jones existing in his current state was completely avoidable, either through better parenting or some well-timed therapy.

It is ultimately unforgivable that his mechanism for coping with the tragedy of his life seems to be fanning the flames of bigotry and hate.