Alex Has Beaten Multiple People Into Comas

In a video posted to his YouTube channel on March 30th, 2017, entitled "SPECIAL REPORT with Alex Jones: Democrat Battle Plan To Take Down Trump," Alex got lost in a lot of tangents on his way to discussing the aforementioned Battle Plan.

At one point, he decided to reminisce a little about his childhood and dealing with a bully. He had this to say:

While we would never take the side of a bully, and everyone has the right to stand up for themselves, we definitely have to take issue with the fact that it sounds like Alex is less interested in the finer points of overcoming being bullied, and more interested in bragging about how good he is in a fight.

"I kicked his ass, and I bashed his head in. And they sued my dad for putting him in a coma, along with a lot of other people, but the point is he asked for it."

We recognize that it's possible that the "lot of other people" he refers to in that quote could either be:

  • Lots of other people who got sued for his one instance of putting someone in a coma, or
  • Lots of other people he put in a coma over the course of his life, which each prompted lawsuits.

We believe that he meant the latter, and our reasoning is based on this clip from the February 17th episode of The Alex Jones Show:

If we take Alex at his word, he is talking about hurting a lot of people, and he's speaking about it wistfully. "Where is that today?" he even asks, as he discusses intensely toxic masculine fantasies about how fighting is necessary to learning how to be a man.

At very least, it is probably safe to say that Alex Jones has gotten himself and his family into legal trouble due to his inability to contain his temper. Unlike these adolescent fights, the war against his inner rage is a battle he has still not won.