Alex Has Paid For Multiple Abortions

Alex Jones is a pro-life gentleman. He goes so far as to interpret people on the left being in favor of a woman having the right to choose as them "worshiping" the killing of babies. This makes sense, since that's basically a slightly insanely worded version of a very right wing position, which is kind of Alex's wheelhouse.

Knowing that this is his belief, it came as quite a surprise when he dropped this bombshell on the January 23, 2017 edition of The Alex Jones Show:

There is almost too much to unpack here, but the most important take away is that he says that he's "paid for them" in his time. That is not how a person would say it if the number of abortions they'd paid for was 1.

Now, of course, we don't have anything against Alex Jones paying for abortions. We are wholeheartedly pro-choice (but do not worship killing babies), and would never judge someone for deciding what was right for them, in the context of their lives, their relationships, etc.

The only reason this is a real serious problem is that it underlines what a hypocrite Alex Jones truly is. He is aggressively anti-abortion in his rhetoric, to the point where, when he decided it was "time to pray" on the January 2nd edition of his show, the first thing he prayed about was the "abortions...[done] in our name."

While we do not know anything about the circumstances that led to Alex Jones paying for multiple abortions, we can say pretty definitively that this is incredibly out of character for him, and as such, we completely believe him.