Alex Has Done Meth At Least Twice

Alex Jones is a man who's worst enemy is the fact that he has to fill 3 hours of radio broadcast every day, and as such, he often ends up saying things that he does not mean to say, and once he does so the recording lives on forever.

On the August 26, 2015 broadcast of The Alex Jones show, our host made this admission about his past drug use:

First of all, we have no interest in shaming people for experimenting with drugs. It is much weirder to imagine growing up and not wanting to explore altering your consciousness. We take a hard position that doing drugs is a-okay in our book.

However, we would be remiss if we didn't point out a few problems with this admission of Alex's past meth use.

The first is that he doesn't specify what doing meth twice means. Unlike many other drugs, meth is a drug that has a very binge-centric use pattern. One rarely does one helping in a night, and decides, "well that's about enough of that."

One of the most dangerous features of drugs like meth or cocaine is the intense euphoria that comes immediately upon taking them. It happens so quick, and the change is so drastic, that the coupling in your mind of the great feeling and the ingestion of the drug is unbelievably strong. 

Add to that the fact that (unless he was taking meth in pill form, which he was not), the intense effects of taking meth last for approximately 3-5 minutes, after which there is about an hour of a diminished euphoria mixed with coming down. The idea that Alex Jones took meth at a party with these classmates, then the next day was still high on a beach means that he took a lot of meth that night.

Our further issues are as follows:

  • He says that he was at the beach "doing bad things," which he retroactively defines as him putting cigarettes out on his own skin. That is pretty wild to imagine Alex Jones doing that, but at the same time, that's not "bad" it's just dumb. We strongly suspect that something much worse was happening overnight on that beach.
  • He says that he did meth twice, and ostensibly this is the first time. Why did he do it again after this night that he is describing 20-something years later as a horrible night?
  • Conversely, if this is the second time he did meth that he's describing, then we would have to assume that the first time was probably a lot of fun. Why not tell that story? 

There's a lot more going on here than we're being told.

Alex Missed a Year of School Because Of Violence Issues

On the August 11, 2014 episode of The Alex Jones Show, further details were revealed about Alex Jones' increasingly troubling and violent youth. We have previously documented that Alex has bragged on his show about putting multiple people into comas, and this new piece of biographical information certainly meshes with that:

This clip came as Alex came back from a commercial break and as he was preparing to jump back into a call about the evils of vaccines. His caller had mentioned that she was seeing similar side-effects in animals that got vaccinated as she did in children.

The call is inconsequential and not compelling, except in as much as it reminded Alex of veterinarians, and how he had once worked at an animal hospital. As that memory is jogged in his mind, he over-explains why he worked at an animal hospital and tells a seemingly unrelated story about how he was kicked out of school for almost an entire year because he was "getting in a lot of fights and stuff."

Based on his timeline, this would have been past the age of 15, since he mentioned that he had gotten a car. Assuming he was 16, this would be 1989 or 1990, which was a time when in-school fighting did not have the horrible stigma it does today. Columbine was still 10 years away, and just as far off were all the conversations about bullying and implementation of zero-tolerance policies.

At the risk of over-editorializing, it does seem that for a high school sophomore to be thrown out of a Texas school in 1990 for fighting, they would have to be exhibiting some very intense behavioral problems. Being "sent to the ranch" may well be a down-home version of being "sent to military school," but in this case, no noticeable changes were made to Alex's behavior. He is still, to this day, the very same violent child who couldn't be trusted to not disrupt a classroom.


Alex Has Done The Alex Jones Show Drunk

I am fairly certain that we could have extensive documentation of this, had our real focusing in and documenting begun before January 2017, but as it stands, we can say with absolute certainty that Alex Jones does his job fairly drunk on a pretty regular basis.

There are many videos you can find from Alex's inauguration weekend, running the gamut from funny to outright misogynist.

It is well-documented that Alex was wasted when he appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience (with Joe and fellow guest Eddie Bravo later saying that Alex began drinking before the show began).

Yet, somehow the actual drinking part of these examples seemed somehow excusable (though the behavior most certainly was not). Maybe I've spent too long being a comic, but it felt like, "come on, he's on the road. Of course he's drunk the whole time." 

On a video posted to the InfoWars YouTube channel on March 30th, Alex provided us with evidence that the in-town/out-of-town distinction means little to him. This video, ostensibly a "special report" on how the Democrats wanted to kill Donald Trump, was little more than Alex rambling on air, clearly intoxicated, for over two hours.

You can check out our full episode break down for more about the video itself, but for now, here are the two essential pieces of evidence that Alex was drunk on air (other than everything about his actions, his tone, his rhetoric, his inability to stay on point, his sweating, his anger, his constantly changing emotions, his hubris, his painfully fake crying, etc.)

In this clip, about 2 seconds in, as the camera is on Roger Stone, you can hear what sounds like a cup with ice being drunk out of. Almost immediately after, Alex screams about how 20th Century Fox made up fake news about him, one of his go-to lies to prove that he's not the fake one, and that he's relevant enough to attack.

That sound caught my eye, because Alex's behavior in this video was so out of line and because keeping that noise in was incredibly unprofessional. Does InfoWars not have a cough button? I took a closer look at the video and noticed that Alex had a sneaky cup in his hand.

All this could be explained innocently, but then if you really look at the way he acts, his behavior is so bizarre that he better hope he's drunk, because the other explanation is a latent psychosis or a brain tumor. Consider these two clips, the first from 15 minutes into the broadcast, the second from about an hour and ten minutes later:

I feel, based on my extensive experience of being a drunk person and being around very drunk people, that this is the behavior of a drunk man.

Alcoholism is defined not by how much or how often someone drinks, but by the consequences of one's drinking. By those standards, considering the outright hate that he spouts, and the amount of pain he causes people (Sandy Hook parents, for example) while doing his job drunk, Alex Jones is a profound alcoholic.

Alex Endured Emotional Abuse From His Mother

Before we dive too far into this chapter of Alex's living biography, I want to make very clear that this entry is solely based on Alex Jones' words, and we at Knowledge Fight make no claim to know whether or not what he's saying is true. We do not know what Alex's relationship with his mother was like, all we can do is take his words and go from there.

On the April 11th, 2017 edition of The Alex Jones Show, our host was in the middle of explaining how humanity's great test was to leave the Earth, though we may love the planet, when he made this comparison:

This is an alarming revelation, for any number of reasons.

Alex's mother is directly telling him that she will be disappointed in him if he doesn't grow up to fit her precise image of masculinity.

Alex's mother is equating the withholding of love as being the path to manhood, and more importantly, the path away from being a "mama's boy."

Perhaps the most alarming part, however, is Alex accepting this as reasonable, and as a healthy part of growing up, when in fact, if the event he describes actually happened, it would be a profound example of parental abuse.

I'm not a psychologist, so far be it from me to write a paper on the effects of a parent explicitly withholding their love (or even just making their love conditional). But, I am a human, so it is well within my abilities to say that this chapter of Alex's history is intensely depressing, and from it, it's not too hard to trace a line and make sense of how he ended up where he is now.

The child is the father of the man, as they say, and when the child is an emotionally abandoned six year old, all too often he becomes father to a man with some very messed up perceptions, in Alex's case about the nature of masculinity, an issue that is bubbling under the surface of almost all of his positions and prejudices.

It is ultimately tragic that it appears that Alex Jones existing in his current state was completely avoidable, either through better parenting or some well-timed therapy.

It is ultimately unforgivable that his mechanism for coping with the tragedy of his life seems to be fanning the flames of bigotry and hate.

Alex Was A Boy Genius

On the February 17, 2017 episode of The Alex Jones Show, Alex let the audience in on some juicy tidbits of info about his childhood, namely that he was basically a super-genius:

Certainly, this tale suffers from being a first hand account, provided by an unreliable narrator, but on some of the most basic facts, he probably isn't entirely lying.

The age that children become literate varies quite a bit, but a generally accepted guideline in Western culture seems to be that, by first grade, a child should be beginning to be able to read, or they risk being left behind by the coming curriculum. Generally speaking, first graders are about six years old, so the idea that Alex began reading at six is not something that is too unbelievable.

He insists he's "not bragging," but does go on to say that he was reading hundreds of books about history at that young age, and was doing "University level studies" by the time he was 14.

It is quite possible that in early high school, he was a gifted student, and was advanced for his age, and was indeed reading college level texts. It is also possible that he was reading books on the history of WWII at the age of six. What is less possible is that he was able to understand them at that age.

Psychologists generally agree that the ability to think abstractly (the ability to understand metaphor and symbolism, and to use critical thinking skills) does not typically develop in youths until the age of 11, and that's the low end of their estimate of 11-16.

Using this as a guideline, it is not too hard to believe that Alex Jones technically learned to read complicated material early in life, but he wouldn't likely have been able to actually comprehend what he was reading. The fact that he still appears to have some difficulty with reading comprehension (and constantly builds arguments based on headlines as opposed to what actual articles say) leads us to believe that he may never really have made the leap to critical thinking and abstraction.

While most psychologists do concede that abstract thought does present in some particularly gifted children earlier than age 11, we once again posit that the fact that Alex appears to be operating very concretely in his cognition at the age of 43 is a strong indication that he wasn't one of these particularly gifted children in question.

Alex Has Beaten Multiple People Into Comas

In a video posted to his YouTube channel on March 30th, 2017, entitled "SPECIAL REPORT with Alex Jones: Democrat Battle Plan To Take Down Trump," Alex got lost in a lot of tangents on his way to discussing the aforementioned Battle Plan.

At one point, he decided to reminisce a little about his childhood and dealing with a bully. He had this to say:

While we would never take the side of a bully, and everyone has the right to stand up for themselves, we definitely have to take issue with the fact that it sounds like Alex is less interested in the finer points of overcoming being bullied, and more interested in bragging about how good he is in a fight.

"I kicked his ass, and I bashed his head in. And they sued my dad for putting him in a coma, along with a lot of other people, but the point is he asked for it."

We recognize that it's possible that the "lot of other people" he refers to in that quote could either be:

  • Lots of other people who got sued for his one instance of putting someone in a coma, or
  • Lots of other people he put in a coma over the course of his life, which each prompted lawsuits.

We believe that he meant the latter, and our reasoning is based on this clip from the February 17th episode of The Alex Jones Show:

If we take Alex at his word, he is talking about hurting a lot of people, and he's speaking about it wistfully. "Where is that today?" he even asks, as he discusses intensely toxic masculine fantasies about how fighting is necessary to learning how to be a man.

At very least, it is probably safe to say that Alex Jones has gotten himself and his family into legal trouble due to his inability to contain his temper. Unlike these adolescent fights, the war against his inner rage is a battle he has still not won.

Alex Has Paid For Multiple Abortions

Alex Jones is a pro-life gentleman. He goes so far as to interpret people on the left being in favor of a woman having the right to choose as them "worshiping" the killing of babies. This makes sense, since that's basically a slightly insanely worded version of a very right wing position, which is kind of Alex's wheelhouse.

Knowing that this is his belief, it came as quite a surprise when he dropped this bombshell on the January 23, 2017 edition of The Alex Jones Show:

There is almost too much to unpack here, but the most important take away is that he says that he's "paid for them" in his time. That is not how a person would say it if the number of abortions they'd paid for was 1.

Now, of course, we don't have anything against Alex Jones paying for abortions. We are wholeheartedly pro-choice (but do not worship killing babies), and would never judge someone for deciding what was right for them, in the context of their lives, their relationships, etc.

The only reason this is a real serious problem is that it underlines what a hypocrite Alex Jones truly is. He is aggressively anti-abortion in his rhetoric, to the point where, when he decided it was "time to pray" on the January 2nd edition of his show, the first thing he prayed about was the "abortions...[done] in our name."

While we do not know anything about the circumstances that led to Alex Jones paying for multiple abortions, we can say pretty definitively that this is incredibly out of character for him, and as such, we completely believe him.

Alex Was Once Pulled Over By A Nazi Cop

At the age of 16, Alex and a group of friends were driving back to Dallas after a night of drinking and partying at the beach. On the way, he was pulled over by a Nazi cop. He tells the story in the following clip.

We are not going to take a position vis-a-vis whether this story ever happened. It seems a little extreme, but it is definitely not beyond the realm of the possible.

However, we would be remiss if we didn't point out that, if this did happen, Alex Jones failed to learn any lessons from the experience, which is evidenced by his using the anecdote as support for his initial claim that he's "never really seen a lot of white racism."