Alex Jones Lied To His Son About Mars Bases

On his January 3, 2018 broadcast, Alex was attempting to paint Michael Wolff, the author of Fire and Fury, the book that contained quotes from Steve Bannon critical to Trump, as a purveyor of fake news. In the process, he told the following story about how attacks against InfoWars have affected his son, Rex:

In this clip, Alex presents himself as the victim of a smear campaign, where the world is trying to mock him for saying that there were Mars bases, when in fact he said no such thing. He explains that he showed his son the clip where it was actually Robert David Steele, a guest on his show, who said that the "Globalists" had Mars bases where they took abducted child sex slaves.

And, Alex has a fair point there. Recently, Robert David Steele did come on the show and say that. Alex did not say that, but he also did not rebut him at all, he tacitly agreed with the "information" that Steele was putting out, never pushing back in any way until there was a backlash from critical media.

However, Alex is a complete liar.

If you go back to August 25, 2015, you will hear him say this about the "elites" and how they are trying to get off world:

He clearly believes that both Mars bases and undersea bases are things that the "Globalists" are working on/already have in play. To pretend that Steele's comments are outside of the standard rhetoric for Infowars is absurd. The only real difference in the two men's words are their relative commitment to the idea, and how far along they claim the "Globalists" are.

Alex plays this game all the time, the game of plausible deniability. He as a guest on who says something crazy, and he doesn't push back. When the backlash comes, he throws that guest under the bus so he stays clean. The problem is that when you have a backlog of years of spouting nonsense, you have a much harder time plausibly denying things.

As we pay closer attention to the reality of Alex Jones as opposed to the spectacle, more and more of these things will come to light.