Alex Jones Is Mad That People Think Trump Is Dick-Size Obsessed

On his January 3, 2018 broadcast, Alex Jones engages in some very deep-level analysis about the escalating war of digital words between Donald Trump and Kim-Jong Un regarding nukes and North Korea.

To catch everyone up to speed, On Jan. 2, Donald Trump posted some hostile tweets toward Un, in response to Un saying that he has a nuclear button on his desk. Trump responded by saying that he also has a nuclear button, that it is a bigger button, and that it works.

Understandably, given Trump's history of arguing about the size of his dick during the Republican primaries, most people took these tweets to involve subtext of some sort. This made Alex Jones very mad:

I have nothing really to add here, just wanted to point out that Alex Jones took time on his show to defend Trump against small dick accusations, small hand accusations, and even went so far as to assert that "doctors will tell you" that the size of your feet is connected to your dick size, but "that isn't an exact metric."

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that Donald Trump is in possession of a huge, massive dick. It's name is Alex Jones.