Alex Jones Claims That He Wasn't On Board With Roy Moore

On his January 3, 2018 show, Alex Jones was wrestling with new revelations that Steve Bannon was quoted in a book, Fire and Fury, that the meeting between Manafort, Kushner and Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya was probably "treasonous."

He was having a really difficult time finding a place to land, so he kind of scattered buckshot all over the place. The boil-down is thus:

  • The book's writer, Michael Wolff, is probably a liar. He has been criticized in the past for inaccuracies.
  • Also, Bannon is paranoid, and is probably crazy now, thinking that he is the reason Trump got elected, when in reality, it was "the people" rising up, which Alex goes on to explain only happened because of InfoWars.
  • The media is trying to attack the Patriot movement, but also Bannon probably said that stuff.
  • Roger Stone had a meeting with Bannon recently, and he said similar things.
  • Bannon is paranoid and is surrounded by paramilitary guards.

It's a mix-em-up, hodge-podge of angles. There is no through-line to it. Does he believe that Bannon legitimately said what is being reported, or is it a media smear campaign? Does he really think that Bannon has lost his mind, and if so, why would he not want him out of the "movement?"

Nothing in his narrative makes coherent sense, which isn't a new phenomenon with Alex, but it is pretty amazing to see it play out in real time.

He cannot afford to take one side or the other. He cannot turn on Bannon without losing a lot of his "populist" audience, let alone without sullying Brietbart as a source he can use in the future. He cannot afford to turn on Trump, siding with Bannon, because if he does so over this, he is siding with the guy who is suggesting Trump committed treason, which undercuts all of Alex's narratives.

As was so often the case in the end of 2017, Alex Jones finds himself the prisoner of his own propaganda.

In his attempts to wrestle with the news about Bannon, Alex made the following completely absurd claim about his position on Roy Moore:

This just does not track with reality. Alex did a live special broadcast on the night of the Alabama special election, and immediately started alleging election fraud when Doug Jones won. The next day on his show, Alex doubled down on those claims. He had been making excuses for Roy Moore for months and attacking his accusers very aggressively.

For him to now try to claim that he and Roger Stone wanted to distance themselves from Roy Moore is an absolute disgrace. The only way this argument could possibly be true is if they decided to distance themselves a couple days after Roy Moore lost the election, which is not an act of principle, it's a coward propagandist realizing that there is nothing left to milk out of this udder.