Alex Jones Seems To Think That Sexual Harassment Is Natural

On his show on December 8, 2017, Alex Jones was launching into a strange rant about how the left has gone crazy and now just talking to a woman is considered sexual assault. While that argument is absurd on its face, what he goes on to say is deeply troubling:

Honestly, I have no idea the point he's trying to make in that clip. The best I can do is assume that he thinks that men harass women because they can smell that the woman is "in estrus," and that they need to make babies, which is a legitimately upsetting thing to imagine a person believing.

I could spend the rest of the day trying to deconstruct that nonsense, but instead I want to make this point very clearly: we should be very careful whenever we hear people make "they are attacking biology" type arguments, because those sorts of arguments have been used almost exclusively through history to keep very abusive social hierarchies in place.

Just off the top of my head, the idea of biological inferiority was a central conceit of rationalizing African slave holding. Past that, phrenology was cooked up to back up the idea that black people were just biologically not as smart as white people. Further, we can look to any number of stupid arguments about homosexuality not being "natural" being used as a rationale to disenfranchise, beat up, kill, and marginalize the LGBT community for a very long time.

In this case, Alex is relying on a similar argument structure, but what he is advocating for, I think, is that women should just accept being made to feel like things because that is how it works in the animal kingdom. I, for one, find that argument uncompelling, and think it's fantastic that we have evolved to the point where we are not animals.

But, if Alex is so concerned about maintaining what is natural, I would request that he give up ownership of property, since no animal really has a conception of what it means to own a house or multiple boats.

Beyond that, I would ask that he kick his kids out of the house at age, let's say, 4. No animal in nature allows its children to be dependent for 18 years; that is poppycock.

Let's not forget that Alex should start cleaning his ass with his tongue, as my cat certainly does, and Alex's beloved dead dog Nonk certainly did. Animals don't use toilet paper, that's ridiculously unnatural.

I could go on and on with this, but suffice it to say, humans are animals, but in many ways, we have transcended "animal behaviors." To pretend that cultural and social growth is somehow an attack on nature is just a cowardly way to mask what you really care about, namely protecting a social system where the exclusive right to power rests in the hands of heterosexual white men.

That is what "nature" means to Alex.