Alex Jones Thinks Torture Works

On his show on December 7, 2017, Alex Jones reviewed an article from CNN where they review how well Trump has lived up to his campaign promises. While a worthwhile discussion could be had about how dangerous and ill-advised many of his campaign promises were (killing terrorists' families and stealing countries' we invade oil come to mine), that is a conversation for another day.

What is important today is Alex's response to one of the entries, regarding Trump's promise that we would go back to torturing people:

On the one hand, I very much appreciate Alex being at least sort of against torture. That is a decent position for a human to take.

On the other hand, all of Alex's words lead me to believe that he is actually not all that against torturing people.

The argument that "we don't want to turn into the thing we're fighting" is a decent argument. It's a little basic, but it will do in a pinch. I would certainly prefer people of influence who ostensibly are against torture to have more nuanced positions, or at least come at it from a position with a bottom line that "torture is wrong, full stop," but the bar is low when discussing Alex.

The thing that is particularly troubling here is that Alex seems to give Trump a pass for advocating torture because torture is already happening. That is crazy. If you are actually against torture, the fact that it is going on should make you even more passionate about how it needs to be stopped. The reality of an evil should really only lead to you treating it like the emergency it truly is.

And then, we have the issue that at the end of the clip, Alex says that torture seems to be working. That is so incredibly irresponsible and stupid.

Countless studies have shown, and experts attest to the fact that torture does not work. It does work in one way, in that you can get people to talk. You can get people to say something, but that thing is inherently unreliable, to the point that courts do not allow any evidence that was gathered under such circumstances.

Beyond that, the human trauma that you are inflicting on people when you torture them is unacceptable, even if it did work, and no thinking person should ever accept that sort of behavior from their government.

Alex Jones' position is a jumbled mess that adds up to a cowardly version of being pro-torture, and he should be ashamed of himself.