Alex Jones Suggests That He May Have Unwittingly Been A Russian Agent

On his show on December 7, 2017, Alex Jones was pitching his usual talking points, specifically that Robert Mueller's investigation into Trump's connections with Russia and the various crimes that go along with that is falling apart and is based on nothing.

Some would say that about a week ago, one of the main subjects of the investigation, Michael Flynn, was charged with a felony for lying to the FBI about contacts with the Russian ambassador and plead guilty.

Some might also say that a little while before that, Trump's former campaign manager was indicted for Conspiracy Against The United States, and is considered a very serious flight risk.

Some might also point out that just today, a new email was disclosed that showed that Don Trump Jr. lied about questions regarding his meeting with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, and whether or not he had any follow ups with the broker of that meeting, Rob Goldstone.

Investigations happen in secret, and thus, the people who nay-say and make the argument that "there is nothing to this" are always at somewhat of an advantage. They can be confident that their audience doesn't know what no one can know (namely, what the investigators know), so they have free reign to paint a bleak picture on it.

This is pretty much all Alex Jones has going right now, as day after day, new pretty damning pieces of information come into public awareness.

As he was launching into his bit about the investigation being a fraud today, though, he said something very weird:

It is his habit to compare the idea that he is a Russian agent to the idea that he is "a Chinese violin player from Mars" or some variation thereof. It's his special way of making a mockery of the accusation by comparing it to something patently absurd.

But this time, he added a weird stipulation, a stipulation that he is likely going to start using more often as a way of distancing himself from the legal peril he has to be beginning to see in his and Roger Stone's future.

This time, when he compares the idea that he is a Russian agent to the idea that he is an alien, he says, "I don't even know I am one, if I am one, I didn't know it."

This is a massive departure from back in March, when Alex called Adam Schiff an "archetypal cocksucker" and threatened to "beat his ass" for suggesting that he was a Russian agent. Now, Alex's take on it seems to be "if I was, I didn't know," and this matches up entirely with what we know about Alex Jones' history. 

What we do know is that at some unspecified point previous to 2015, Alex Jones had contact with Russian intelligence agents which he did not report to the FBI. He came away from the encounter with the impression that Vladimir Putin listens to InfoWars all the time, and that the Russians think he is a genius:

I can assure you that Putin does not listen to InfoWars, but what he does listen to is KGB tactics. One of their chief ways of recruiting assets is through the use of flattery, and it is quite clear that in this clip (from the Oct. 30, 2015 episode of his show), Alex is describing "high end Russians" using this tactic to sway him. Interestingly, if you pay attention, you will see Alex presenting a whole lot of very pro-Russia and pro-Putin narratives in this time-frame.

Over the years, if you listen to Alex, you will see a trend. For a man who pretends to have rock-solid convictions, he is someone who is so vain and ego-driven that he will change opinions about major issues based on flattery. For god's sake, he said that the Nation Of Islam are "softening" because they pretended to be listeners when he visited to interview Farrakhan in early 2016.

It's clear to me, and it appears that it is starting to become clear to Alex Jones that he was the pawn in a very simple spy game. It remains to be seen where this goes, and if Alex eventually wakes up and realizes that everything he's stood for in the last two years has been bullshit, but I'm not going to hold my breath.