Alex Jones Is Being Trolled About Fake Investigations

On his show on December 7, 2017, Alex Jones discussed a recent call that he received from "secret service" people, regarding an investigation into Phil Mudd and James Clapper:

While I, for one, am a huge fan of how Alex never questions any call he gets, and always just takes anyone at their word when it matches with his weird narratives, I have to pump the breaks on this a question a few elements of this revelation.

First, according the, the investigative function of the Secret Service is specifically related to counterfeiting and the protection about financial crimes. This doesn't match up very well with Alex's narrative that they are investigating overt threats against the president.

Second, how sad a situation are we in if an actual investigation is calling Alex Jones and asking, "hey you got anything on this?"

As we've discussed over and over again, Alex is basically illiterate. He only reads articles' headlines, he constantly misunderstands very basic ideas, and willfully misrepresents them to his audience. No legitimate investigation would ever rely on Alex; he wouldn't even be a credible witness to call into court, quite frankly.

Beyond that, the only thing Alex ever brings up about Phil Mudd and Clapper are very public things: appearances they've made on network television or things they've said in interviews. Any human would be able to know as much as Alex does about any topic with about 20 minutes of Googling.

Further, the idea that these "investigators" would call Alex and ask him for any information he may have about a secret investigation, and then tell him to "go ahead and tell people" is completely absurd. That simply is not how investigations work; no one would want to blow a potential investigation by tipping the hand prematurely. It is quite literally against all investigative protocols.

All in all, this is very clearly an instance of either Alex making something up whole-cloth, or yet another tragic example of him getting a troll call and pretending its real because it builds up his fake worldview. The addition of the "go ahead and tell people" element makes it all too clear that he is not dealing with an actual professional.

Honestly, it was probably Roger Stone on the other end of the line, and Alex was just drunk and misremembered the conversation.