Alex Jones' Guest Compares Trump To Hitler Accidentally

On his December 7, 2017 show, Alex Jones welcomed Matt Bracken to the show as a guest. Bracken has a history in the service, and is one of Alex's main go-to's whenever it is time to stoke fears that "the leftists" are about to stage violent uprisings. You can go back through history and find the times that Bracken has come on to predict imminent doom and street-warfare, and unfailingly, he's been wrong.

Also, he writes novels that are thinly veiled fiction, presenting his essentially InfoWarsian view of a dystopian near future where the "socialists" have run amok and the country has been taken over by "traitors."


And he also created this CW2 Cube diagram to "depict the lay of the land for the next civil war" that he sees as being imminent, again, due to the meddling of those darned socialists. Admittedly, you can find a better drawn version of the cube online, but I am firm in my position that I don't like Matt Bracken, so I insist on using this one.

Not sure I'm thrilled with the "Darker-Whiter Axis" of his equation, but white fear is strong in this world we study, and it since they feel a special kinship with their white peers, they assume that that is how everyone must operate. It's a little sad on one level, but not altogether unexpected.

Anyway, Matt Bracken was on Alex's show on Dec. 7, and in this appearance, he joined Alex in depicting Robert Mueller's special investigation as some sort of a coup. The specific coup that he chose to compare it to might have been ill-advised:

In case you forgot about this piece of history, Operation Valkyrie was an attempted assassination of Adolph Hitler that was put into action on July 20, 1944. Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg placed a bomb that was to take out Hitler, at which point, the SS could be disbanded, as their allegiance to Hitler would be null and void, and a new government could be put in place.

It was a bit of a dreamy scheme, in many ways, when you look back on it. Assuming that the next in command wouldn't just take over the Nazi apparatus seems misguided.

Regardless, had there been a meaningful disruption in the Nazi machine a good year before the end of the war, there was the potential to save countless lives. The Wola Massacre, wherein 40-50,000 people were murdered in response to the failed Warsaw Uprising, may never have happened. The Battle of The Bulge, which claimed the lives of approximately 100,000 American soldiers and about as many Germans (not to mention the approximately 3,000 civilians), may have not have happened.

The numbers are staggering, and admittedly, this is rewriting history a little bit speculatively. It isn't clear that Hitler could have been killed and that the person to take over wouldn't be worse. There's no way to know for sure, but please, consider for a minute what this guy is saying.

In Matt Bracken's analogy, Trump is Hitler.

In his analogy, the investigations into Trump's team and their illegal actions and connections to hostile foreign governments are the plotters who undertook the task of taking out Hitler.

In his analogy, the people who are members of the SS "breaking down doors" to punish those who plotted against Hitler are people like Alex and himself, and their followers.

Given the number of times Alex Jones has come on air and defended Hitler (saying he was set up, etc), I would not be surprised if he found nothing to take issue with in those very unsettling comparisons.

In case you might think this is just a stray metaphor, and that it doesn't encapsulate Bracken's line of thinking, here is another clip from later in the interview:

There is a tremendous irony in hearing a man complain about Barack Obama comparing Trump to Hitler in the middle of an extended metaphor based on the exact same comparison.

This analogy is completely stupid, for any number of reasons. It's stupid for Bracken to present it, since it casts Trump as Hitler in the comparison. It's stupid for Alex to agree with it for the same reason. But more than anything, it's just stupid, because a legal investigation based on evidence and very public admissions of guilt are not the same thing as a coup or assassination attempt. Pretty important distinction.