Alex Jones' Theory About Roy Moore Loss Is Misguided And Dumb

In the immediate aftermath of Doug Jones winning the contested Alabama senate election on Dec. 12, Owen Shroyer and Millie Weaver (hosting what was supposed to be an Alex Jones election broadcast, but Alex could not be bothered to show up) started pitching all kinds of conspiracy theories about what had happened. How could Roy Moore lose? He was a perfect candidate, as long as you believe that literally everything everyone says about him is a lie. Shit, even Alex Jones himself called him "creepy."

Well, Owen and Millie's narrative was the bedrock that Alex began to use on the December 13th episode of his show, as demonstrated in this clip:

This is mostly just the standard, "we didn't really lose" narrative in action. "The Democrats had people vote in dead peoples' names!" "Minorities were bused in!" None of this is ever proven, it's just yelled enough that people start to accept it as fact. It happens every time, ironically no matter whether a Republican wins or loses. When they lose, illegal votes were the reason why; when they win, illegal votes are the reason they didn't win bigger. It's a snooze as far as narratives go.

What is really interesting, however,  is the narrative he's pitching about the retention of electronic voting records. Alex Jones is trying to use a recent Alabama Supreme Court decision staying an order to retain electronic voting records as proof that the Democrats were trying to cover their vote-changing tracks.

The problem there is that Alex has his teams wrong.

Republican Secretary of State of Alabama John Merril was sued in the Montgomery Circuit Court to force election officials retain the election records, which he was opposed to doing. The judge agreed with the plaintiffs and ruled that Merril had to retain these records.

This was appealed to the Alabama Supreme Court, where the judge's order was stayed. 

Whatever your feelings about the retention of the voting records, the one thing that cannot be argued here is that the Democrats were trying to get rid of said records. That was singularly the agenda of Republican Secretary of State, John Merril.

Oh, also, the Alabama Supreme Court is made up of literally 100% Republican judges.

Oh, also John Merril also went over to Russia in 2016 on an election monitoring trip, where he said that the election he observed was "free and fair." Official voting watch groups begged to differ, saying that they found "serious irregularities during voting." Probably a coincidence.