Alex Jones Had A Pizzagate Lunatic On His Show To Talk Bitcoin

On his show from December 13, 2017, Alex Jones had a guest on his show that made me burst out into a very loud blurt laugh. Not satisfied with just having completely fraudulent weirdos on his show like Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiac, and Based Stick Man, Alex Jones decided to welcome onto his show Dave Seaman.

Many of you will have no idea who Dave Seaman is, and I wish I shared that naivety.

During last year's Pizzagate fiasco, I spent a whole lot of time monitoring conspiracy sites, Reddit, and similar places to keep up with what these dicks were coming up with. There were "independent researchers" out the wazoo, but one name rose above the rest in stature, and that was Dave Seaman.

Dave Seaman spent the better part of a year making YouTube videos about the basement of Comet Ping-Pong Pizza, about how the Podestas were killing kids in rituals. He even went so far as to create a hoax about him being in danger and disappearing.

Shit went pretty well for Dave as he made a bunch of money repeating salacious gossip and pretending it was real, but then pretty quickly, shit started to not go too well for Dave, and people started to realize that he was just making stuff up and passing it off as "reporting," so he conveniently deleted all of his videos about Pizzagate, and I guess went off the grid for a bit to repackage himself with a new gimmick, that of a Bitcoin expert.

They try this trick in wrestling a lot. A character doesn't work out, so you take a guy off TV for a bit then bring him back as a new person. It has worked some times, but in today's world of information accessibility, you will never be able to get people to forget that Kane used to be a wrestling dentist named Isaac Yankem.

And that's really what we have here with Dave Seaman. His new gimmick is probably a little bit more viable, in that Bitcoin is actually a real thing that exists, but trying to pass him off as a financial expert and just pretending we don't know who he is and what he's done is an embarrassing move for Alex to attempt.

It appears that Dave Seaman is still on the Pizzagate tip, but thanks to him deleting all his old videos, he can now regroup and make new "summation" videos that pretend that it was always all about what was found in the Podesta emails that came out in Wikileaks. Granted, these are still full of complete bullshit analysis of circumstantial and unrelated points, but they are way, way more grounded in reality than what he used to put out.