Alex Jones Thinks All Sexual Assault Allegations Are Secret Attacks On Trump

For the last two years, Alex Jones has gone through a terrible transformation. While he was always a liar, a misogynist, a bigot; in the past he was a free misogynist, a free bigot, a free liar.

He could lie about whatever he wanted, and spread his vile toxins in whatever direction he felt would do the best job scaring his audience, and thus bring in higher gold sales for Ted Anderson of Midas Resources. It was still a terrible show, and still was a pretty socially dangerous operation, but when you would listen to it, you wouldn't feel nervous for the actual broadcaster.

Now, I kind of do.

There is something about Alex Jones in current day that I find deeply unsettling. His speech is so much more pressured and fast, his logic is far more thinly strung together, his normal bravado seems like he doesn't even really believe his own bullshit. It all strikes me as a portrait of desperation, and I believe that Alex has become a desperate man because he is no longer free.

While he spends hours on his show screaming about standing up for liberty and the tyranny of liberals, on a very real level, Alex Jones has become the captive of his own Trump Rhetoric. Alex cannot go against Trump in any meaningful way without not only completely torpedoing the "credibility" of InfoWars, but also probably risking a legitimate mutiny.

Roger Stone has a show on Alex's network, and has become pretty much the only real "source" Alex gets information from anymore. You think he's sticking around if Alex starts speaking freely about Trump?

This sense of feeling trapped is completely encapsulated in this clip.

Alex Jones is trying very hard to defend Donald Trump and Roy Moore, two incredibly gross dudes who have a lot of women making very credible claims of sexual misconduct against them. He's trying so hard, but it is just pathetic to see a man fall to this low:

What Alex is getting at, if you can't pick up on his dumb logic, is that pretty much the entire cultural conversation that's going on right now about how powerful men often mistreat women and then are not held accountable, largely because of the support systems put in place by other powerful men, all of that is really just about attacking Donald Trump. Because he is not a sexual assaulter, and "they" know it.

All of the liberals who have gone down are just "low-hanging fruit," like the head of one of the biggest studios in Hollywood, a very successful Senator from MN, or a US Representative who has served since before Alex Jones was born. Those aren't sacrificial lambs that "they" are giving up in the name of getting ammo on Trump. That is absurd, and more than anything, that is incredibly insulting to these peoples' victims to suggest that they are either not real, or second hand props being used to smear Trump.

This stuff is incredibly dumb, and very flimsy on its face, so there is not a big need to deconstruct how Alex's explanation for the current wave of sexual assault complaints requires a nearly impossible level of coordination, and that as an explanation, it is at least 10 times more complicated and unlikely than "women were sexually assaulted, they finally felt they would be believed if they came forward."

His argument would be so flimsy on its own, but then Alex decides to finish up the clip by lying about what the allegations against Trump are (he did not just ask someone out or give them a phone number), and then as if to signal what a pathetic boot-licking captive he has become, Alex suggests that these women are lying, and Alex knows it because they are not hot enough for Trump.

He is so trapped. Almost enough to make you feel bad for him, but then you think for a moment and remember what a huge racist liar he is, and those feelings just melt away.