Alex Jones Thinks All Hate Crimes By Whites In 2017 Were Fake

On the December 12, 2017 episode of his show, Alex Jones was in a tizzy to try to defend Roy Moore, the completely unacceptable pile of shit who is running for the Senate seat up for grabs in Alabama when other completely unacceptable pile of shit Jeff Sessions left the seat vacant to become Attorney General.

Alex rambled at the top of the show about women being liars when they've been wronged, and how most things that are said in divorce trials is not true (a convenient argument for him to be making), but what caught my ear the strongest was this piece about racism:

If I am to understand what Alex Jones is saying here, it is that all white-perpetrated hate crimes this year have been fake. To which I reply: absolutely not, but thank you for unveiling your racism so clearly and publicly.

There was that old man in Florida who was planning to shoot up an Islamic center like a week ago, and would have if he didn't get arrested. Probably fake.

There was that FBI report that came out, showing that research indicates that there are over 250,000 hate crimes a year in the United States, and a whole lot also don't get reported (you know, because there is that whole matter of police not having the best track record with not killing members of minority communities). Probably fake.

There was that time that some of Richard Spencer's supporters did some good old fashioned Nazi saluting, and then shot at some people who disagreed with them, and luckily missed. Probably fake.

There was this hate crime in Spokane, where two white dudes shot into a black man's house yelling racial slurs. Probably fake.

There was that case where a white restaurant manager had literally enslaved a mildly-mentally challenged black man for years and screamed racial slurs and him while beating him and threatening his life. Probably fake.

There was that white dude who hung a noose outside a middle school that was 30% black, and then in his apology, claimed he didn't realize that that might be seen as a threatening thing to do. Probably fake.

Oh, then there was the whole Charlottesville thing, where Heather Heyer was murdered, but she was white, so maybe Alex wouldn't count that. Let us not forget that there is clear video of DeAndre Harris being brutally beaten by a group of white supremacists, and that in the aftermath of it all, Harris got arrested.

And this is just going back a few months, and not being thorough about it.

There is no mincing words, there is no dancing around it. Alex Jones is completely racist.

So, who does Alex think are the real victims of hate crimes? You guessed it: whites.

Alex seems to be mostly trying to stoke fears about immigrants, largely based in misrepresenting the situation with Kathryn Steinle, the woman who was accidentally shot in San Francisco by Jose Inez Garcia Zarate. Alex wants the story to be that immigrants have the right to shoot white people willy-nilly and get away with it, but even a juror in that case came out publicly and explained that the shooting was a freak accident, and in that situation, you cannot charge someone with murder.

Alex doesn't care about the reality. All he sees is an opportunity to stoke white fear, and he never passes one of those up.