Alex Jones' Take On Flynn Plea Is Idiotic

On December 1, 2017, Alex Jones woke up to the kind of news that every propagandist worries each new day will bring. After two years of carrying hard water for the Trump team, and insisting that they were great people with nothing going on with this Russia charade, the news broke on Friday that General Flynn, Trump's former National Security Adviser, had plead guilty to lying to the FBI about meetings he had with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak, and that he was cooperating fully with Special Investigator Robert Mueller's inquest.

This is a tough hand to draw for any propagandist, and I have to call it like I see it: Alex does a terrible job of addressing/spinning the news, but he also does about as good a job as he can at this point:

It may be easiest to take this argument piece by piece and really get down to the brass tacks about why this is a terrible "throw everything at the wall" style defense, and upon examination, none of his arguments stick.

The essence of Alex's argument seems to be that as the National Security Adviser, it was Flynn's job to contact the Russians in order to set up the future call that Trump would have with them. The chief problem there is that that is absolutely not the job of the National Security Adviser; their job is to advise the president in matters of National Security.

The job of "reaching out," would most likely fall to someone in the State Department, seeing as, at least at one time in our history, that was the federal department tasked with diplomatic efforts.

Beyond it not being Flynn's job to call the Russians, he was also not the National Security Adviser when he made the calls in question. He was a private citizen, nothing more, which is a big problem, mostly because of the next point that his guilty plea reveals.

In his plea, it is revealed that what he was lying to the FBI about was the Dec. 29, 2016 phone call that he made to Russian ambassador Kislyak. He lied that they did not discuss the prospect of Russia not escalating things, after then-president Obama kicked out some spies and added to the sanctions on Russia, in response to their election meddling.

Flynn's plea reveals that he was discussing foreign policy with the Russian ambassador, and was discussing Russia not escalating things, which is a very short jump away from the understanding that "we are going to undo this once we get in office." This is a massive problem because as of Dec. 29, 2016, Mike Flynn was not the National Security Adviser. He was just a guy, a guy who was lying about being an agent in the employ of the dictatorship in Turkey, but still just a guy. He had no authority to discuss policy with foreign officials at that point, and for Alex to pretend he doesn't know that is embarrassing for everyone.

Nancy Pelosi had meetings with Russian officials because she is/was a Senator, so it's a part of her job to do so. Oh, and also, she didn't lie about the meetings and they were all on her public calendar. The issue with Sessions is that he was meeting with Kislyak not in his capacity as a Senator, but under the auspices of being a member of the campaign. That's really the important distinction, and as has been reported, it's pretty clear that Sessions was on the wrong side of it. Alex pretending to not understand this distinction is also pretty embarrassing for all of us.

I said earlier that I think Alex did about as well as he could do with his defense, and I mean that. I do not think he has anywhere else he can take the narrative. He is a propagandist with his back against the wall, a propagandist who made a devastating misstep in the third act of his decades-long performance piece about the supposed Globalists who run the world. And that makes him very dangerous right now.

He cannot accept a loss, and say, "well, it looks like these guys did a bunch of illegal stuff. I was wrong to support them, let us move on in good-will and respect for each other." He's too far gone, down the "I would die for Trump" road. To back down in any way, even if it would be totally reasonable to do so based on new evidence that is coming out every day, would be counter to everything he's built up for all these years, and his audience would see him as a cuck and abandon his pill sales operation for good.

Conversely, he can't take this performance to its logical next level, and begin openly calling for armed rebellion in the streets. This is what his rhetoric requires he do, but he isn't an idiot, and he knows that could get him 20 years in prison. He couldn't enjoy the fruits of his pill sales operation in the joint. They don't allow you to bring your boats to prison.

This in between space is where Alex is going to be living for the a little while, and it is a dangerous space. Look for him to err much closer to the side of calling for a revolution, and expect his rhetoric to become increasingly violent and coded in the coming weeks. He has nowhere else to go.