Alex Jones Asserts That Globalists Don't Have Children To Maintain Their Sociopathy

On the December 1, 2017 episode of his broadcast, Alex Jones got a little bit out there talking about his very dangerous (and totally, definitely real) enemies The Globalists, and he let slip something that caught my ear as a bit troubling:

First of all, most of the people Alex lists off as the Big Globalists have a ton of kids. George Soros has five, the Clintons have one, the Obamas have two, David Rockefeller had six, Peter Singer has three, Zbigniew Brzezinski has three. Pretty much ever Rothschild heir has multiple children. You see the age-old trend being continued here: Alex is just talking shit with no evidence.

So, maybe he's just talking about French president Emmanuel Macron? Alex calls him a part of the Globalist Power Structure, and he doesn't have kids, so maybe that's what this is all about. In fairness, though, Macron's wife has three children from a previous marriage, and the couple married when she was 54, at which point there are safety concerns about getting her pregnant, and quite honestly, she may have even been postmenopausal at that point. For all intents and purposes, it looks like Macron "has kids."

Alright, fine, you got me. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and UK Prime Minister Theresa May don't have kids. It could have been that they were too busy, what with their hyper education and massive levels of life-long success. Or possibly, their husbands are privately impotent or they've had miscarriages in the past, and decided that none of that is the public's business. Or, maybe the two of them just didn't want to have children? That is a choice people can make for themselves, there (at press time) are not required reproduction laws, despite what Alex may think would solve the problem of white people having too low of birth rates.

Probably just a coincidence that the two most striking examples of his complaint happen to be the two most powerful women in the world. Probably just a coincidence.

The bigger issue, however, is the rest of this clip. Alex believes that these Globalist Elites do not have children because "you cannot have children and want to enslave everybody, because it gives you a connection to everyone else."

A couple quick thoughts on that incredibly stupid thought:

  • One of the greatest enslavers of literally the entirety of human history, Genghis Khan, is possibly best known for having so many children that estimates are that he is the direct descendant of 1 out of every 200 men living in the world today.
  • President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis (who happened to own 113 slaves at the point of the breakout of the Civil War) had six children.
  • Confederate General Robert E. Lee (who definitely owned slaves, and definitely led an army that was really 100% about keeping black people enslaved) had seven children.
  • Nazi doctor and the guy who did horrifying experiments on humans at Auschwitz, Josef Mengele, had a son.
  • Other Nazis also had kids. Rudolph Hess had one (named Wolf!), Martin Bormann had ten kids, Hermann Göring had one, Heinrich Himmler had three, Adolf Eichmann had four, Joseph Goebbels had six (all of whom he killed himself), and guess what, there are some indications that Hitler himself even may have had a secret child.

I think the point is pretty clear: having children and the ability to enslave are completely unrelated factors in a person.

It would be one kind of idiotic if Alex was just arguing that somehow having a child makes you a better person. That would be one thing, and I could rebut that with any number of stories where parents treat their kids like animals. Or, you know, ones where parents murder their children. That would be an easy argument to refute, but at least it would be one that you hear people make from time to time, in the form of "the day my kid was born, I changed."

What Alex Jones is saying, in this clip, is that it's not possible to "go bad" once you have kids because having kids "gives you a connection to everyone else and triggers the connection to your ancestors, and that whole space-time flow."

Leaving aside the pseudo-spiritualist nonsense about the time-stream at the end there, this is still a completely bizarre position for a person to take. Clearly, it's as easy to refute as the other formulation we discussed, and those 17 articles that are linked above are pretty clear examples that illustrate that if you're a shit person who has a kid, you'll be a shit parent. The simple act of having a child doesn't intrinsically change anything, and no amount of blow-hardery from new parents is going to convince me otherwise.

But what makes it so important to me to really draw attention to how Alex has laid out this sentence is this: he is presenting the Globalists as being a group that intentionally doesn't have kids because they know that, if they do have kids, all of a sudden they won't be able to enslave people and be evil anymore. Simply put: if they have kids, this whole fun ride they're on ends.

And just like that, Alex Jones has accidentally revealed himself.

As we've documented over and over, Alex Jones is nothing if not a man stuck in the early to middle stages of adolescent development. It wouldn't be a stretch to put his emotional maturity at the level of (being generous) a 15 year old. Let's consider what his life was like back then, according to his own revelations on the show.

He was getting into tons of fights (he claims he was always the non-aggressor, but that doesn't seem possible), he was drinking and possibly doing drugs, and most importantly, he was having sex with every girl in town. He'd known the touch of over 150 women by the age of 16, if you believe his version of things (and I certainly do not). He is absolutely embellishing, but even as much as he's lying, I believe he was sexually active.

And what is the great fear of an out of control, but secretly really liking it, adolescent? Getting someone pregnant, of course. That's the end of the fun, the beginning of responsibility, a complete change in the direction of your life.

Given that The Globalists are really just a creation of Alex's imagination, I posit that what he has done is imbue their psychology with most relevant fear of his formative years. The Globalists can't have kids because they want to keep doing evil stuff, and young Alex was deathly afraid of getting one of those 150 girls pregnant because he wanted to keep doing his drinking and fighting and shooting guns thing.

Or, maybe, a secretive group of shadowy elites that only one drunk Texan really understands is afraid that if they have children, they won't be able to be evil anymore, despite the staggering amount of evidence of people who have children who are completely evil. That is possible too.