Alex Pretends To Not Know That Trump Has Financial Interests In South Korea

On his November 17, 2017 show, Alex Jones seems to be blown away by how amazing it is that Trump was complimentary to South Korea while he was over on his tour of Asia.

From past experience, I strongly predict that this 45 min report Alex is talking about making will not get made.

That aside, Alex is making the argument that Trump is a master strategist in terms of treating different countries differently. I am guessing, in this specific case, it is a situation where he thinks Trump is being mean to North Korea to show strength, and nice to South Korea to show that he supports countries that play nice [Note: we are choosing to ignore Trump's position on Duterte because it would only complicate things here, though we are upset about it]

But Alex cannot possibly be that stupid. There is a very simple reason that Trump would be nice and complimentary to South Korea, namely that he has a huge financial interest there, including apartment complexes that are likely part owned by the South Korean government-owned Korea Development Bank. If he were to alienate the people who own the state bank of South Korea (that would be the South Korean government), he could lose an estimated between 6-8 million dollars a year in name branding rights alone for his properties there.

At least this conflict of interest is pretty up front. I mean, not all of these weird back room deals that keep coming up involving Trump associates have their own page on Trump's website.

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